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U.S. Presidential Studies

Office Of The Presidency : This 8 page paper examines the presidential role in foreign affairs, particularly focusing on the impact that World War I had on the office itself. The thesis is that Woodrow Wilson's testing of limits during the war provided a breeding ground for change in the presidency. Several post war events are discussed, with an emphasis on President Bush's utilization of power during the Gulf War. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Prez.wps

The Power Of The President : A 5 page paper discussing Presidential Power and the Modern Presidents, by Richard Neustadt, and Hidden Hand Presidency: Eisenhower as Leader, by Fred Greenstein, and how both of these works demonstrate that the power the president holds is not always as supreme as most think. The President of the United States is an individual with the highest profile in the government but that does not mean that he holds the power to make all decisions. Both of the authors being examined illustrate this point from different perspectives. No additional sources cited. Prespowe.wps

Trust in the Office of the Presidency : A 17 page research paper which demonstrates how a particular research hypothesis-that the public has lost their trust in the ethical standards of those elected to high office, and particularly towards the presidency of the United States, and have developed a jaded attitude toward the subject of political scandal-can be tested. The writer offers a sample fictitious research study that can be used as guide. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Ofpresid.wps

United States Presidents’ Role In Guiding History : 5 pages in length. There exist myriad significant entities that have created America’s social, political and economic stronghold, but there has been perhaps no greater force than that of political leaders, particularly United States presidents. The notable contributions made by past American commanders since the turn of the century have had substantial influence upon the direction in which history has been guided. The writer discusses the impact U.S. presidents have had on history. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Presrole.wps

Thomas Jefferson / The Man Who Changed The Destiny Of Our Country : An 8 page paper discussing Thomas Jefferson and the country before, and during, the time of his election. The Federalists had implemented Alien and Sedition Acts which severely threatened the freedoms the people had fought so hard for. While this was not the fault of President Adams, it did occur during his term in office and illustrated to the people that something needed to be done if they wished to see their hopes and dreams prosper. The election of Jefferson illustrated the people’s strength and helped turn the country down the true path of freedom. Without the presence, and the ideals, of Jefferson, this country would be no better off than other countries that have no freedom. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Thomasj.wps

Fawn M. Brodie's "Thomas Jefferson : An Intimate History" : A 5 page analysis of "Thomas Jefferson: an Intimate History" by Fawn M. Brodie. It has always seemed contradictory that the man who wrote that "all men are created equal" was a slave owner, and that it was rumored he had a long-standing sexual relationship with one of his black slaves. Brodie's work does an admirable job of reconciling these discrepancies as she argues that Jefferson's actions made sense in the context of his own time and were consistent with his own philosophy. No additional sources cited. Fbrodie.wps

Thomas Jefferson's Presidency : In 5 pages the author discusses Thomas Jefferson and his presidency. When looking back over the history of the United States, one person truly stands out as a leader among men. That person is Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson stands as the immortal symbol for freedom and equality throughout history. Real democracy began with Thomas Jefferson. It was he who gave birth to the multi-party system. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Jeffpres.wps

Thomas Jefferson / Accomplishments & Leadership : 10 pages in length. As the third president of the United States, Thomas Jefferson's accomplishments and leadership ability virtually changed the course of history. Throughout his esteemed political career, Jefferson maintained a great deal of belief in the common man, as well as harbored considerable sympathy and compassion for the inherent challenges. His life was devoted early on to the causes that were close to his heart, of which the most important was freedom. His political skill was surpassed only by the numerous tasks he performed while associated with the Unites States government. Jefferson's strong belief in preserving freedom led him to declare that implementing states' rights was of utmost importance in order to maintain said freedom. The writer discusses various aspects of Jefferson's political career. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Tjeff.wps

Life, Liberty & The Pursuit Of Happiness / Still Far Off : 5 pages in length. The concept was clear, and the idea was even carried out for a time, but the overall effectiveness of Thomas Jefferson’s revolutionary vision of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is far from being realized in America. Jefferson’s vision was originally created to provide for the protection of a person’s natural rights, his ability to make his own way and to obtain contentment without the infringement of government or any other oppressive source. The writer discusses how this may have been realized to some extent but, for the most part, continues to evade the majority. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Lifelib.wps

Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence : A 3 page paper examining this seminal document in American history in terms of its historical ties to some of the predominant political ideas of the Enlightenment, particularly those of Locke. The paper shows how the Declaration of Independence took ideas that had been current in theory only and put them into practice. Bibliography lists two sources. Decofind.wps

The American Constitutions / The Creation of a Private Sector Elite : Though Thomas Jefferson, one of the authors of the Declaration of Independence and the American Constitution asserted that each individual should have the unalienable right to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness," the creation of the American Constitution, based on the Federalist Papers and extending from the First and Second Constitutional Congresses, supported the continuation of caste divisions in the United States. This 6 page paper considers the nature of this assertion, and further defends the argument that the development of a private sector elite stemmed from the actions of men like Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, Patrick Henry and George Washington. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Privsect.wps

Publius vs. Jefferson / Comparison Their Views : This 2 page paper looks at the writing group known as Publius and Thomas Jefferson’s views... comparisons are made. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Publius.wps

Abraham Lincoln And The Republican Party : This 5 page paper looks at Abraham Lincoln’s decisions concerning slavery as well as Republican influence. The Emancipation Proclamation is discussed. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Repubpar.wps

Abraham Lincoln / The Man & His Presidency : In 5 pages, the writer discusses Abraham Lincoln. "Abraham Lincoln was able to shape the history of the African American. He is the very emblem against racial injustice and inequality. Most historical documents present him as the champion of the African Americans. His views in equality were able to transcend the race barrier. Lincoln set a precedence by emancipating the slaves." Bibliography lists 8 sources. Abelinc.wps

The Presidency Of Grover Cleveland : 5 pages in length. The author discusses the presidency of Grover Cleveland who was elected as President on two separate occasions, and details who and why he was elected to office. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Grover.wps

Andrew Jackson and the Cherokee Nation : A 7 page paper that discusses the issued surrounding Andrew Jackson's role in the removal of the Cherokee Nation for its lands. Removal of Indians dated back for decades; Jackson's actions therefore not only supported his own beliefs, they sanctioned the actions and opinions that were historical present in the country during the 1800s. The writer explores the background of the principal parties and discusses the events leading up to the forced march of the Cherokees. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Jackcher.wps

The Most Influential 20th Century U.S. Presidents : A 5 page paper in which the writer discusses Teddy Roosevelt, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, and Ronald Reagan, comparing how and why these three men each demonstrated characteristics qualifying them as the most influential U.S. Presidents of the 20th century. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Infpres.wps

The U.S. Presidency & Inexperience : An 8 page research paper discussing some problems associated with the Office of the President. The writer pinpoints trouble with the fact that U.S. President elects receive no formal training from their predecessors and are poorly-assimilated into the job. Proposals for remedy are provided. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Presidec.wps

U.S. Vice President Henry Wallace : A 6 page paper discussing the life and personality of Henry Wallace. Henry Wallace served as vice president to Franklin D. Roosevelt. He was a unique man who believed in many different aspects concerning communism or socialism. He was considered a threat to some, and to some he inspired hope. He ran against Truman for president and lost. This paper provides a general sketch of the man and his time in politics during the 1930’s and the 1940’s. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Henrywal.wps

William Henry Harrison / Biographical Critique : A 5 page paper that reviews James Hall's biography of Harrison, with a concentration of the author's perspective on the life of Harrison as interpreted from the reading. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Harrison.wps

The Presidential Campaign of 1948 -- Truman Surprises The Nation : A 5 page research essay on Truman’s surprise upset of Dewey in 1948, an election that political experts were absolutely certain would go in Dewey’s favor. This paper covers the crucial aspects of the campaign and takes a look at factors behind Truman’s victory. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Camp1948.rtf

Harry S. Truman / Presidential Achievements : A 5 page paper that describes three specific achievements of President Truman. Other accomplishments are mentioned in addition to the emphasized three. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Truach.wps

Comparative Presidential Studies / Truman vs. Eisenhower : Presidents Truman and Eisenhower shared many of the same philosophies, yet, they were also extremely different. This 6 page research paper reviews the ideologies & accomplishments of each of these two Presidents. Bibliography includes 6 references. Trueis.wps

President Eisenhower / On Weaponry & Peace : 10 pages in length. The author discusses a statement that was made by Eisenhower concerning using weaponry as a keeper of peace and the significance of security and liberty. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Eisen.wps

President Bush and The Gulf War : 9 pages analyzing ex-President George Bush's decision to enter the Persian Gulf Conflict. Focuses on his misuse of Presidential power. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Gulfwarp.wps

President Bush and Desert Storm : A 15 page paper that describes the significance of Operation Desert Storm in the political development of George Bush. Bush made significant contributions to ending the Crisis in the Gulf and in turn was able to shed his "wimp" image and gain notoriety. 8 sources cited. Bushdese.wps gulf war

"Why Desert Storm Would Not Become Another Vietnam" : A 7 page paper discussing President Bush’s statement that Desert Storm would not turn into another Vietnam and what he meant by that statement. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Desnam.wps

Book Review / Text Shows Nixon as a Successful Politician ! : A 4 page review of Stephen Ambrose's book entitled "The Triumph of a Politician" in which President Richard Nixon was actually regarded as being an important leader-- successful in most respects and even largely responsible for the possibility of the Ford, Carter, Reagan, and Bush presidencies ! No additional bibliography. Nixonbok.wps

Richard Milhous Nixon / The Man & His Administration : A 6 page essay on Richard Nixon, his political career, and his administration. Differs from other reports on Nixon in that the writer focuses more upon Nixon’s political career as a whole -- not just the Watergate scandal. Bibliography includes five sources. Nix.wps

Richard Nixon & Watergate : An 11 page paper on the known events of the Watergate scandal and the investigation that followed. Controversial issues concerning the Watergate tapes are discussed in great detail and the writer explains how socially devastating the incident was. This was the first time a U.S. president ever resigned but according to this paper, the ultimate effect of such was both a positive and educational one for the American public. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Watergat.wps

Richard Nixon & The Watergate Conspiracy : A 21 page paper that outlines the history of the Watergate Conspiracy and discusses the role that mass media and public opinion had in the proposed impeachment of Nixon. The author relates the causes of the Watergate conspiracy in terms personality, society and the political institution and comes to the conclusion that Nixon deserved to be impeached as outlined within the articles of impeachment. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Nixonwat.wps

The Executive Decision to Pardon Richard Nixon : A thorough, 9 page analysis of the executive decision to pardon Richard Nixon. It is argued that recent research has revealed that President Ford was prepared to pardon Nixon long before he was ever even indicted. A review of documented meetings, testimony, and more is presented to show that indeed Nixon only left office knowing full well that he would not be penalized for his crimes. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Nixonpar.wps

Kenneth O'Reilly’s "Nixon's Piano" : In 10 pages, the writer provides a critical analysis of "Nixon's Piano" by Kenneth O'Reilly. Nixon’s Piano essentially looks at the history of racial politics among American presidents. O'Reilly maps out more than 200 years of the intersection of race and politics in America -- especially criticizing Nixon’s stance [or lack thereof] on Civil Rights issues.. No additional sources cited. Nixpiano.wps

President Ford’s Pardon of Richard Nixon : A 10 page paper discussing the value of honest Presidential communication with the people of the country. This President, after taking office under the very worst possible of political conditions, approached the American people with honesty and an admission of a period of indecision, but then concluded with the reminder for us that the ultimate decision was his. That blatant honesty and commitment to doing what was right rather than what necessarily would have been politically advantageous most likely cost him a full election two years after the fact, but it gives the American people a standard against which to judge the veracity of Presidential rhetoric and also presents all those Presidents following with an example they could do worse than to follow. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Fordpard.wps

Bill Clinton vs. J.F.K. / Pursuit Of Liberty : A 5 page research paper investigating how President John F. Kennedy approached his vigorous defense of liberty at home and abroad compared to how President Bill Clinton approached the same goal. Reasons for the differences between the two include the fact that this is an entirely different world and the fact that President Clinton also happens to be the first post-Cold War President. In this new era, time is needed to determine exactly what the position of the United States will be. Bibliography is included. Clinkenn.wps

Camelot / The Kennedy Years in the White House : A 6 page research paper which examines the myth of Camelot and how it relates to the Kennedy years. The writer argues that this American version of Camelot fulfills many of the functions of mythology as outlined by historian Joseph Campbell. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Kenncam.wps

John F. Kennedy / The Man, The Memory, The Impacts : A 16 page paper exploring the life of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Includes comparisons of his "memory" with his actual accomplishments and those of other U.S. Presidents such as Woodrow Wilson, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Lyndon B. Johnson and Bill Clinton. Bibliography lists five sources. Jfk2.wps

Johnson & the Great Society : A 5 page paper discussing the book "Lyndon B. Johnson and the American Dream" by Doris Kearns Goodwin and how it illustrates Johnson’s ideal of a great society, as was defined in one of his greatest speeches. Johnson was a man who held many regrets, as Goodwin so eloquently illustrated, and to a large degree his dream may well have been a failure. This may have well had something to do with the fact that the American people never saw him as much more than Kennedy’s replacement and Johnson could never fill the shoes of the revered president. No additional sources cited. Dkgood.wps

Woodrow Wilson : 10 pages in length. In comparatively discussing two separate biographies on Woodrow Wilson, one comes to realize that there are a significant number of characteristics and subtle nuances distinctive to each biographer. For the most part, Wilson’s tenure in office is correspondingly accurate and to the point in both personal accounts, particularly with regard to the stewardship theory. Where they differ substantially is with regard to the individual author’s interpretation of historical events. The writer compares the two biographies as they address various aspects of Wilson’s tenure. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Woodwils.wps

The United States Economy Under JFK in 1963 : A 4 page paper on the history of the U.S. and it's economy under the Kennedy administration. While the paper’s main purpose is to show what the economy was like during the year 1963, it also goes into detail about the Kennedy administration and how the president impacted the economy. No Bibliography. 1963.wps

The Economic Policies of John F. Kennedy : A 7 page paper discussing the role John F. Kennedy played in relationship to the economy of the United States during his time in office. While Kennedy was quite ignorant in regards to any type of economic strategy in the beginning he quickly taught himself and had others around him instruct him about economics. He was unlike those before him or after him in that his knowledge was learned with no previous bias. this led Kennedy to produce a non judgmental approach to the economic situation of the United States. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Johnfk.wps

The United States & Its Economy In 1973 : A 4 page paper on the economy under the Nixon administration. The paper mainly talks about where Richard Nixon took the economy of the United States while also talking about his presidency. No bibliography. 1973.wps

The Cuban Missile Crisis & The Role Of John F. Kennedy : A 5 page examination of the Cuban Missile Crisis and the role of John F. Kennedy. Bibliography lists five sources. Cubanc.wps

Kennedy & Cuba vs. Nixon & China / A Comparison Of Negotiation Styles : A 12 page overview of Kennedy’s executive committee handling of the Cuban Missile Crisis compared to Nixon’s normalization process developed out of the Shanghai Communiqué and the crisis of the Cultural Revolution in China in 1970. The paper discusses the salient points of how these two forms of negotiation (committee and normalization) were developed from these crises, including policy objectives, style/model developed and ongoing effectiveness of decisions. Bibliography cites 13 sources. Chincuba.doc

J.F.K., Civil Rights, & Lyndon B. Johnson : A short yet concise, 3 page essay on the impact that John F. Kennedy's work on the Civil Rights movement would have on American society and how such influence carried over into the Lyndon B. Johnson years as well. The writer also touches upon issues concerning early American involvement in Vietnam and questions how American society might have been different if Kennedy had not been assassinated. Bibliography for second essay lists two sources. Hist1877.wps

The Assassination of John F. Kennedy : There is a precise date associated with the fall of the modern day legend of Camelot: November 22, 1963. On this date, in Dallas, Texas; President John F. Kennedy was shot and killed by Lee Harvey Oswald. At that point in history, secrecy was a common method of maintaining national security. It was the height of the cold war, an era of paranoia and covert operations. This 8 page paper examines two conspiracy theories that have been advocated in the years since the assassination. It also looks at the scenario of Oswald working alone. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Jfkassa.wps

U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson's "Great Society" : A 12 page socio-political analysis of Lyndon B. Johnson's well-intended failure in implementing the "Great Society" plan. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Greatsoc.wps

The Years of Lyndon Johnson / The Path to Power : A 5 page paper that provides a concise look at the Robert Caro’s book "Years Of Lyndon Johnson" and considers the author’s thesis and the significance of the work. No additional sources cited. Johnpowe.wps

"The Real George Washington" : A brief sociocultural analysis (4 pages in length) of Mason Weems' fictional book about George Washington (best known for the infamous "cherry tree" tale)- Author discusses nationalistic pride-related reasons for Weems having created so many promotional falsehoods about our nation's first president. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Georwash.wps

19th Century Media Reaction to Lincoln's Gettysburg Address : 13 pages discussing journalistic accounts of Lincoln's infamous Gettysburg address just after it was delivered. No Bibliography available. Gettysbg.wps

The Scandals of U.S. Presidents : A 4 page look at the prevalence of scandalous behavior among U.S. Presidents and executive officers throughout the course of the country's history. The Andrew Johnson controversy, Harding's "Teapot Dome" scandal, Theodore Roosevelt's political appointment of the despised James S. Clarkson, Bill Clinton's involvement in The Whitewater Affair, etc;-- are among the many case examples discussed. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Pressca2.wps

The Scandals of U.S. Presidents / Credit Mobilier & Teapot Dome : In this 5 page paper the writer examines alleged executive scandals with particular emphasis upon the events of these two particular ones. The Credit Mobilier ruined many politicians working under the (Ulysses S.) Grant administration. Soonafter, Teapot Dome brought about many investigations during the Harding administration -- although it came under fire by the press who supported a favorable public opinion of Harding. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Pressca3.wps

The Scandals of U.S. Presidents / Focus Upon Ulysses S. Grant : A 4 page paper on problems concerning the integrity of the Grant administration. Included in the discussion are the Whiskey Ring, the Credit Mobilier, etc; The ensuing investigations are examined and Grant's administration is regarded as having not been a particularly favorable one in American history. The writer closes with a brief conclusion about how the consistently dishonest deeds of U.S. Presidents have contributed to a loss of trust from the public. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Pressca5.wps

Ulysses S. Grant / His Presidency & Its Scandals : An 8 page research paper on the Grant administration. Discusses the Union Pacific Railroad scandal and the Whiskey Scandal and gives a view of Grant as being guilty only by asociation of the corruption which is often associated with his administration. Bibliography lists four sources. Grantupr.wps

The Scandals of U.S. Presidents / Ulysses S. Grant and Administrative Scandal : 4 page discussion of scandal during the Grant administration. Topics discussed include The Credit Mobilier, The Whiskey Ring, etc; Bibliography lists 5 sources. Grantsca.wps

The Scandals of U.S. Presidents / The Harding Administration : A comprehensive 6 page discussion of scandal during the Harding administration. Includes issues such as the 'Teapot Dome.' Bibliography lists 4 sources. Hardings.wps

The Effectiveness and Ineffectiveness of 20th Century U.S. Presidents : A 4 page paper on U.S. Presidents of the 20th century and their effectiveness or lack thereof. The writer makes the point that executives like Ronald Reagan were held somewhat highly in the public eye but were largely ineffective whereas Richard Nixon was loathed and criticized-- yet succeeded at enacting many worthwhile reforms. Much of the discussion focuses upon comparing the leadership abilities of J.F.K. and F.D.R. in this same light. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Presiden.wps

Theodore Roosevelt, 32nd President Of The United States : Teddy Roosevelt was the youngest president ever elected up until his time. His autobiography is filled with quotable quotes as this paper analyzes his account of his life. He shares anecdotes and humor as well as his accomplishments. A 5 page essay. Roos.wps

Teddy Roosevelt / Effective Leader ? : A 5 page research paper exploring the question, "Was Teddy Roosevelt an Effective Leader?" Leadership and the qualities of a leader are first discussed then Roosevelt's accomplishments are analyzed. Bibliography includes 7 references. Teddyroo.wps

Republican Roosevelt : A 5 page paper describing John Morton Blum’s book. An enlightening and introspective piece of work that enabled this reader to understand quite a bit more about Theodore Roosevelt and his time in office. He was an interesting and powerful man with pressures laid upon him that were unique to his position. While some knowledge of Theodore Roosevelt was gained prior to the reading of this book, Republican Roosevelt added much more depth to this reader’s understanding of this incredible leader. Blum as a writer is an incredibly gifted, intelligent, and sensitive writer who brings history to life and makes it more easily understood. Rosevelt.wps

Hoover vs. F.D.R. / Comparing Two U.S. Presidents : A 7 page research paper exploring the presidencies of Herbert Hoover and Franklin D. Roosevelt. Their respective backgrounds and early careers are discussed as well as their responses to the Great Depression of the 1930s. Hoover believed in individualism with no Governmental intervention; Roosevelt believed the Government had a reponsibility to directly assist the individual. An extensive bibliography is included. Hooverre.wps

F.D.R. / An Analytical Discussion of His Four Terms in Office : 13 page in length. A discussion of FDR (U.S. President Franklin Deleanor Roosevelt)'s terms in office. Includes some general biographical information as well. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Fdrpres.wps

F.D.R.'s "New Deal" : A comprehensive 12 page overview of Franklin D. Roosevelt's "New Deal." The writer explains the President's program and discusses the various measures that FDR took including those concerning labor, agriculture, restoring public confidence in banking, and more. Statistical information concerning government funding and its ultimate effectiveness is provided. Several sources footnoted. Newdeal.wps

Franklin Delano Roosevelt : In 5 pages, the author examines his actions as president during World War II. The issues of his legendary status, his legacy, and his actions are discussed. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Roos3.wps

F.D.R. In Doris Kearns Goodwin’s "No Ordinary Time": A 5 page analysis of  "No Ordinary Time" by Doris Kearns Goodwin. This Pulitzer Prize biography presents the reader with new insight into the love between Franklin Deleano (FDR) and Eleanor Roosevelt and their lives during World War II. No additional sources cited. Noord.wps

Roosevelt / Knowledge Of Pearl Harbor : A 6 page paper that discusses what Roosevelt did know in terms of the attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Roosharb.wps

FDR vs. Stalin At Yalta : A 5 page paper promoting the argument that FDR was ‘duped’ by Stalin at the Yalta conference in 1945. Some background included on Stalin along with references to specific incidents showing how he manipulated the president in addition to other prominent figures. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Fdryalta.wps

Al Gore / Vice President to President : A 3 page paper that discusses the process in which Gore achieved the democratic nomination for the Vice Presidency in 1992 and the qualities that he then demonstrated that might possibly help him to achieve the presidential nomination in the year 2000. Bibliography with 2 sources cited. Algore.wps

Campaign Funding & Contributions / A Problem of Democracy ? : A 15 page analytical research paper on the controversial issues resulting from our (U.S.) Democratic government's allowance of open election contributions and government funding. Numerous case studies are cited including that of Bill Clinton's acceptance of large contributions from various individuals during his 1996 Presidential campaign. The writer concludes that Campaign contributions are, a traditionally unfair and unethical practice. Bibliography lists 10+ sources. Campaign.wps

Ethics & Political Campaign Contributions : A 7 page paper discussing the ethical questions surrounded by Presidential campaign contribution abuses and the current bills before both the House and Senate for major reform of campaign contributions laws. If the bipartisan legislation passes Congress, Political Action Committees will not be allowed to make any campaign contributions and loopholes will be tightened, forcing candidates into accountability for their sources of funds. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Ethical.wps

The State Of The Election Campaign Investigations : An 8 page research paper arguing that the campaign election contributions reform is indeed needed. The Clinton administration attempted to turn the Lincoln bedroom into a Days Inn for the highest bidder in the 1996 campaign, but there have been other presidential sleepovers, too. Several unsuccessful bills have attempted to distinguish between "hard" and "soft" money, with the soft variety being used for the recognized necessity of buying national media exposure. The focus of the 1997 reform is that very distinction, but is muddied by the prospects of a Justice Department investigation into White House fund raising activities. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Campref.wps

Special Prosecutors and Presidential Powers : A 4 page research paper on a hypothetical supreme court decision. The writer details the law regarding original jurisdiction, executive privilege, hiring and firing certain federal appointees, and suit against a president. No bibliography. Specpros.wps

Executive Privilege : A 17 page paper discussing the subject of executive privilege. This presidential issue has been involved in much controversy as of late, in relationship to President Clinton, which is addressed further on in the paper. The first section illustrates some of the specifics regarding executive privilege, including the history and constitutionality of the issue. This section is followed by a section discussing executive privilege and President Nixon. A brief discussion of the Reagan administration is also included which illustrates how some presidents actively refuse the privileges granted them. This is followed by the section discussing Clinton and present day proceedings and attitudes. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Execpriv.wps

The Reagan - Bush Administrations / Policies Following the End of the Cold War : A 6 page exploration of the policies of the Ronald Reagan and George Bush Administrations during and the Cold War and following its end. Discusses the role of the United States in containing communism and in ending the Cold War. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Reaganbu.wps

Ronald Reagan / Effective Leadership : 8 pages in length. Much like his political predecessors Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan possessed a leadership quality that set him apart from a great many other leaders of this or any other time. The concept of leadership is easy to define, but it is not as easy to execute; Reagan was not only able to characteristically recognize the inherent demands of the job as Chief Executive of the United States, but he also rose to the challenge consistently and uniformly. The writer discusses the various points of effective leadership Reagan displayed while in office. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Reaglead.wps

The Effect of Reagan Tax Cuts on Consumer Spending : A 7 page essay on the effects of consumer behavior in response to Ronald Reagan’s economic policies. Immediately after taking office in 1981, he began instituting a series of economic policies that came to be known as "Reaganomics." For the eight years immediately preceding the Reagan era, there was no growth in real household income. For the eight years following the time of his administration, there has been a decline in that income of over $1,400 a year. During the Reagan years, however, real income rose a full 10% over the period, giving the American worker more discretionary income than they had known since the 1960’s. Five footnoted references; no bibliography. Reagan.wps

Military Buildup Under the Reagan Administration : A 22 page research paper dealing with the Cold War decisions which lead to the buildup of the military under President Ronald Reagan. This paper also deals with the differing opinions as to whether or not this buildup helped or hindered the ending of the Cold War. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Reagan2.wps

Scandal During the Reagan Administration : This 6 page report examines the scandalous Iran- Contra affair with specific reference to the Reagan administration, failure to notify Congress and more. Provides a good overview of events that transpired. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Irancont.wps

Reaganomics : A 10 page paper that considers the positive impact of Reaganomics on the American economic climate of the 1980s. This paper determines that not only did Reagan face a difficult and already determine economic path set by years of mismanagement, but the systems that were implemented under his Administration were the most significant economic changes created in decades. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Reag.wps

Latin-American Foreign Policy During The Reagan Years : An article by Carothers on Latin American foreign policy is discussed in this 4 page analysis. Reag2.wps

Reagan’s Star Wars Program : Ronald Reagan’s space-based missile defense program is discussed in this 5 page paper. The focus of the paper centers on the legal ramifications of such a program in respect to international treaties that have been in effect since 1972. The paper takes the position that Reagan made the right decisions in respect to Star Wars. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Starwars.wps

The EPA and Reagan / Conflict & Disparity : A 12 page paper that outlines the perspectives of the Reagan Administration regarding the EPA and considers changes that occurred during the Reagan Administration that negatively impacted the process and authority of the EPA. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Epareag.wps

Reagan / Media & The Polls : A 12 page research paper that discusses Reagan’s influence on the press corps and its effects in the elections and the polls despite the unpopularity of his fiscal policies among many citizens. The paper posits that both the public and the media suffered from Reagan’s administration, and that his media legacy has also contributed to other unfavorable results for the current presidency and the media as well. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Reagmed.wps

Marketing Used in the 1992 Presidential Campaign : A 6 page paper exploring the marketing maneuvers of the 1992 presidential campaign. Stresses that it is marketing that determines our political leaders and gives numerous examples of the marketing strategies used by Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Ross Perot. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Presmark.wps

1992 Presidential Campaign Rhetoric : A 10 page paper exploring the 1992 presidential campaign, its rhetoric and its strategies regarding communication with the public through interaction with the press. Emphasizes that it is effective communication, most of which reaches the public through the press, that determines our political leaders and gives numerous examples of the communications strategies used by Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Ross Perot. Bibliography lists 6 sources. 1992prec.wps

Noonan’s "What I Saw at the Revolution" : A 5 page report on Peggy Noonan’s 1990 book. Speechwriter for Ronald Reagan and George Bush, Noonan gives a view of Washington of laughable images of self-importance while being pragmatic about herself and her own role. Of Irish-Catholic and middle class roots, Noonan gives a highly readable and humorous account of her interactions with those who would cling to elitism. She let few get away with it without having some good-natured, but cutting commentary, though she did hide behind a pillar once when Nancy Regan disapproved of her dress...Bibliography lists 1 source. Noonan.wps

Bush vs Clinton / Analysis of Their Electoral Campaign Organizations : A 12 page overview of the organization, successes, and failures of the Clinton and Bush campaign organizations. Provides information on both players and strategies. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Bushclin.wps

1996 Presidential Race / A Question of Economy ? : 10 pages in which the writer examines the 1996 U.S. Presidential race as having largely been a question of economy. Clinton's role and ideology in U.S. economic policy are looked at as are Bob Dole's counter attacks. All are evaluated with respect to the election's outcomes. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Election.wps

Should Ross Perot Have Been Allowed in the 1996 Debates ? : A 6 page, argumentative research paper on whether or not Ross Perot should have been allowed to participate in the 1996 Presidential debates. The writer addresses arguments in favor of Perot's participation and refutes them all one by one-- maintaining that there was no reason he should have been allowed in. It is believed that Ross Perot can get his points across in other ways and does not need to do so in a more serious-minded, traditional Republican vs. Democrat debate. The argument is also made that the debates should be reserved only for those candidates who are known to have a reasonable chance of winning and not any individual who feels that (s)he would like to run for office. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Perot.wps

Reagan vs. Clinton with Congress : A 5 page paper analyzing why Reagan was more effective in dealing with congress than Clinton. Discusses Clinton's vacillation on issues and how he has dropped the ball on several initiatives he started as opposed to Reagan's very decisive style of management. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Reag3.wps

Clinton v. Reagan - Comparing State of the Union Addresses : A 4 page paper discussing the similarities and differences between Clinton’s Jan. 1998 State of the Union Address and Reagan’s Jan. 1982 State of the Union Address. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Stateu.wps

Clinton’s Success In 1992 -- Political, Social & Economic Factors : A 40 page paper that provides an overview of the basic elements that impacted the Clinton candidacy in 1992 and provided a win for Clinton even in light of controversy, questions of ethics, and the presence of Ross Perot. Bibliography lists 35 sources. 1992cl.wps

Bill Clinton's Call to Action : A 3 page paper summarizing U.S. President Bill Clinton's 1997 state of the union address. The writer discusses Clinton's "call to action" and his aspirations for the United States over the four years that would follow. No bibliography. Clintons.wps

The Clinton Presidency -- A Return To Gridlock? : A 6 page paper that provides an overview of the major perspectives presented in the Brookings' Institutes compilation of perspectives on the Clinton presidency, edited by James Sundquist, and considers the question of whether Clinton was the leader of major changes through out his presidency or did the progression of government control the national destiny. Bibliography lists two additional sources. Clingrid.wps

Clinton's Health Plan / Argument in Favor of... : A 5 page essay endorsing the thematic idea of Bill Clinton's health plan. The writer feels that plans such as the one proposed by Clinton during the mid-1990's can not be dejected simply because similar ideas have failed in other countries like Canada. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Healthin.wps

The Clinton Administration’s Health Security Act : A 14 page essay on the health reforms of the Clinton Administration and the controversy which has surrounded them. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Healths.wps

Clinton / The Scandal : A 5 page discussion of the reason Bill Clinton should either be forced into resignation or impeached. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Clintele.wps

Arguments Against The Impeachment Of President Bill Clinton : This 10 page report discusses the controversy surrounding the possible impeachment of U.S. President Bill Clinton (written in November of 1998). The writer takes a strong position against instituting the impeachment process and presents arguments to support that viewpoint. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Agaimp.wps

Impeachment Focus / "High Crimes and Misdemeanors" : A 12 page research paper exploring the issue of the impeachment of President Bill Clinton. The writer looks at the history of other impeachment processes and makes comparisons between them, and explores the Constitutional provisions in Article II, Section 4 covering impeachment in relationship to the current proceedings. The writer defers to that definition. Bibliography lists 22 sources. Cnimpeach.wps

The Press & The President : A 5 page paper discussing the involvement of the press in the lives of the presidents of the 1930’s in comparison to their involvement in the life of the current president, President Clinton. The press has always been very actively interested in the lives of the presidents of the United States, but while it seems as though they may be more vicious today than they were in the 1930’s, in some ways they are just as cold and cruel in their attacks. The difference may be that we are much more aware of many aspects today than the citizens of the United States years ago. In that respect it may only the subject matter has changed, with the perseverance of the press still the same. Bibliography lists many sources. Presclin.wps

Analysis of How the Media Has Portrayed the Clinton / Lewinsky Affair : This 9 page report discusses the politics of the media in its coverage of the President Clinton Monica Lewinsky affair. Issues of news vs. propaganda, gender, the role of the media in the larger story, and other "newsworthiness" aspects are commented on. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Clintlew.wps, Clinmedi.wps

The Impeachment Process / Its Applicability in the Clinton Case : This 6 page paper examines the process of impeachment as a part of Constitutional law. Discussion of the definition of perjury as well as the applicability of the impeachment process is discussed in light of the Clinton scandal. The paper concludes that impeachment should be sought in the case examined. Bibliography lists 6 sources Impeach.wps

Clinton & Political Dilemma : A 6 page paper discussing Clinton and all of the issues which have surrounded him for some now. These issue include Monica Lewisnky, Whitewater, the Kenneth Starr report, campaign funding, and impeachment. The impeachment process is discussed and how it relates to Clinton, Johnson, and Nixon. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Clinton.wps

Clinton’s Red Herrings : A 5 page review of the tactics employed by Bill Clinton to distract the American public from the details of the ongoing presidential sex scandal. Offers the US bombing of the Sudanese pharmaceuticals plant as one example of a red herring being thrown out by the Clinton administration. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Redherr.wps

A Resignation by President Clinton / Is It Ethically Good or Bad? : A 5 page paper examining a proposed resignation by President Bill Clinton and whether it would be good or bad for the county from a business ethics standpoint. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Resiclin.wps

Accomplishments Of The Clinton Administration : This 5 page report discusses the positive aspects of President Bill Clinton’s Administration and outlines some of the many accomplishments he and his administration have made in the past six years. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Accoclin.wps

Roger Morris’ "Partners In Power" / Bill & Hillary Clinton : A 5 page book report on the book "Partners in Power" by Roger Morris. The paper focuses on how Morris feels about Bill and Hillary Clinton and why he seems to feel that Clinton is a cheat, a thief, and a liar. No additional sources cited. Clinpart.wps

Dick Morris and "Behind the Oval Office" : A 5 page paper that considers the political theories and sociological impacts supported in Morris' book Behind the Oval Office. This paper demonstrates the way in which Morris used his understanding of major political and socioligical theories to assist in the re-election of Clinton in 1996. No additional sources cited. Ovaloffi.wps

Campaigning for President in the Year 2000 : This 6 page discusses the hypothetical campaign strategy for Robert Khayac as he runs for president in the year 2000. How the candidate will be marketed, what the political and institutional context of his message is, as well as the electoral and partisan environment currently is are also covered. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Camp2000.wps

The New World Order : A 10 page examination of the concept of "new world order" and other terminologies used to describe the United States approach to foreign policy during various administrations. The Clinton concept of "enlargement democracy" is also discussed at some length. Bibliography lists seven sources. Worldord.wps

To What Extent Should Media Manipulate Presidential Politics ? : In 3 pages, the author discusses the role of the media in presidential politics. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Towhat.wps

Primary Colors / Politics In The Movies And Books : A 6 page examination of the effects of such popular works as "Primary Colors" on the role of politics in this country. Presents the dilemma of sorting reality from fiction in books, in movies and in politics in general Bibliography lists 6 sources. PrimColo.wps


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