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Ancient Greek and Roman Music : This 7 page paper looks at Ancient Greek and Roman music with a particular emphasis on the instruments they used. New research is shown to indicate that people who lived in earlier times were more sophisticated than once thought, even playing similar instruments and employing comparable techniques. Bibliography lists 5 sources.Ancmusic.doc

Greek Music / Philosophical Focus : A 5 page research paper on the philosophical basis of Greek music. The writer focuses on the philosophies of music in relationship to mathematics, metaphysics and ethics. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Greekmus.wps

Chinese Music -- The Ch’in / Chinese Zither : A 12 page research paper on this ancient and subtle Chinese instrument. The writer includes an overview of Chinese music as well as details on the construction, playing techniques, and music of the Ch’in which shows the history and significance of this remarkable instrument. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Zither.wps

The Ancient History Of The Organ : A 6 page discussion of the history of the organ. Covers its invention all the way to its introduction into the New World. Bibliography lists five sources. Organ.wps

Rhythm & The Djembe Drum : A 4 page paper discussing the djembe drum. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Djembe.wps

The Music of the Sub-Sahara : A 6 research paper that examines the rich musical traditions of the sub-Sahara region, focusing primarily on the music of Cameroon and Nigeria. The writer discusses the technical aspects of African music as well as its universal appeal. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Subsahar.wps

Hildegard of Bingen / "Music Makes Cold Hearts Warm" : A 6 page paper discussing the music of Hildegard of Bingen. This paper outlines its compositional style and how it fits in the genre of sacred music of the Middle Ages. Her musical styles and thematics have been noted in later composers. Bibliography lists five sources. Hildegar.wps

Middle Eastern Music : A 5 page paper on Music in the Middle of the Eastern part of the world. The paper talks about popular styles, instruments that are used, and where the music of the Middle East is going in the future. Mideasmu.wps

Persian Music : A 6 page research paper on this ancient music native to present-day Iran. The writer covers such topics as the historical background of the music, intervals and scales used, the "dastgah" concept, compositional forms, instrumentation and modern trends. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Persmus.wps

The Music of St. Croix, United States Virgin Islands : 5 pages in length. Calypso is the sound of St. Croix -- political, soul-rending, lively calypso. But a debate rages in the islands as to whether "new" calypso, also known as "soca," is the wave of the musical future or just another dance trend. No Bibliography. Stcroix.wps

Evolution Of Music From The Romantic Through The Modern Era : A 5 page paper on the evolution of music and the composers, technology and techniques that influenced those changes. Over 25 artists discussed or listed. Paper concentrates on efforts of Chopin, Debussy, and modern artists. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Rommodn.wps

Evolution of Music From The Baroque Through The Classical Era : A 5 page paper on the the evolution of Baroque and Classical music, and the contributions of individual composes to that evolution. The paper presents technology and techniques that influenced those changes. Artists include: Bach, Handel, Vivaldi, Beethoven, and Haydn. 4 bibliographical references. Barclass.wps

Musical Comparison -- Bach, Beethoven and The Beatles : A 12 page essay that addresses the technological and social contributions of each and interrelationships between them. The paper also addresses individual pieces by each composer and compares it to the advances made in music which sets these artists apart from others. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Bachbeet.wps

Art & Music / Tonality : A 5 page research paper on tonality in art and music expressed in terms of linearity, rationality and order from the single-point perspective. The writer defines each of these and reviews them in Miro, Tzaikovsky, Magritte, Chopin, Ensor and Debussy. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Tonality.wps

Comparing Three Concertos by Bach, Mozart & Rachmaninov : A 10 page research paper and analysis of Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 6 in B flat; Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 21 in C major; and Rachmaninov’s Piano Concerto No. 2 in C minor. The writer demonstrates how each concerto is representative of the century in which it was written and also of the composer. A synopsis of each work is included. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Bachmo.wps

J.S. Bach’s "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God" / Musical Analysis : A 5 page research paper and analysis of this famous hymn -- based on an earlier version by Martin Luther. The writer demonstrates how the Lutheran congregational chorale music influenced Bach’s work and, specifically, how this hymn can be seen as a representation of Bach Baroque style. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Mightyfo.wps

Beethoven / His Life and Times : A 5 page examination of the life of Beethoven, includes the particulars of his birth, his early life, his personality traits and his contributions. Bibliography lists four sources. Beetlife.wps

Beethoven's Eighth Symphony : A 3 page analysis of Beethoven's Eighth Symphony in which the writer describes the artist's work as being more reminiscent of the Romantic Period than of the Classic. This argument is made in light of Beethoven's emphasis on being contrite, random, climactic uniquely emotional, and more. No Bibliography. Beeteigh.wps

Chopin's Prelude Op. 28 No. 4 / A Comparison of the Original and Subsequent Editions : An 10 page comparative analysis on Chopin's Prelude Op. 28 No. 4 on editions of the piece by arranger/artists Autograf, Paderewski, Augener, Allans, and Henle. The paper analyzes this piece in conjunction with phrasing, pedal and dynamic markings, tempo indicators, and several of the notes themselves. This paper also has a short discussion on critics of the time, today's critics, and a comparison of two audio discs. Bibliography lists 8 sources . Chopinpr.wps

Mozart / Life & Works : A 5 page paper that documents the life and works of Wolfgang Mozart. Mozart was a child protege turned musical genius who made significant and distinct contributions to the world of 18th century music. Through out his life, he was plagued by physical infirmaties, and his life ended abruptly, before he had a chance to finish his famous Requiem Mass. Mozart.wps

Reactions to Mozart's Minuet for Piano : A 4 page opinion paper on a particular minuet. The writer details the structure of the piece, its quality, the composer's apparent intentions, and the emotional response of the listener. No bibliography is included. Minuet.wps

Mozart's Minuet for String Quartet in D Major : A 4 page opinion paper on a particular minuet. The writer details the structure of the piece, its quality, the composer's apparent intentions, and the emotional response of the listener. No bibliography is included. Minuetd.wps

Smetana’s "Sarka," Mozart’s Piano Concert #22, & Schumann’s Symphony #3 : 5 pages in length. The three composers, seemingly so different, shared a number of characteristics. The three pieces of music are examined (briefly), as is the life of the individual composers. Bibliography lists 2 sources. 3Compose.wps

'Amadeus'/ The Movie : A 6 page discussion of the film "Amadeus" -- highlighting based upon research-- which facts the writer found to be inconsistent regarding Mozart's life and Salieri. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Also can be categorized under 'Music.' Amadeus.wps

Film Review / Amadeus : A 4 page essay reviewing and analyzing the film Amadeus. In this version of Mozart's biography, the story is told through a series of flashbacks as perceived by Mozart's chief antagonist, Salieri. Salieri's hatred and bitterness, which he harbors even after Mozart's death lead to the destruction of both men. No additional sources cited. Amad.wps

Vivaldi’s "Four Seasons": Antonio Vivaldi wrote his baroque concerto "Four Seasons" in the 18th century, during a period of extended musical expressionism in Venice and throughout Italy. This 3 page paper provides a concise overview of Four Seasons and considers key elements such as composition, dynamics, medium, form and overall impression. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Vivaldi.wps

Ravel’s "Bolero" : Maurice Ravel’s "Bolero" is believed to be one of the most popular pieces of classical music that has ever been written. In 3 pages, the writer of this paper provides an analysis of Bolero that includes an overview of the type of composition, the dynamics, tempo, melody, harmony, and an overall impression. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Ravel.wps

Musical Influences Of The 18th Century : A 4 page essay on how the music of the 18th century reflected the philosophical, social and political climate of the time. The writer particularly emphasizes how the music of Mozart reflected and perpetuated this ideas of the Enlightenment. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Moz18th.wps

Claude Debussy, Impressionist : An 11 page argumentative essay supporting the idea that Debussy is properly called an impressionist, rather than a symbolist. The paper discusses the Preludes in relationship to this argument, including the points of how Debussy utilized form to create new tonalities that influenced the composers of this century. The paper also argues the influences behind the tag "impressonionism" as it applies to Debussy, including his love of impressionistic art and literature, and other international musical genres. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Debussy.wps

Claude Debussy’s "Les Chansons de Bilitis" : A 12 page paper that explores how Debussy uses dissonance in these songs to bring about the various moods of the poem. In the course of this discussion, the paper pays particular attention to the mood of the music as it stems from the poem. Each chanson is explored separately, followed by a discussion of how Debussy applied general aesthetic and artistic ideals to this music. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Debussy.wps

Darius Milhaud / Composer : A 5 page paper providing an overview of the life and works of Darius Milhaud, one of the most influential French composers of the 20th century. This paper suggests that even in light of signficant physical infirmities and social issues, Milhaud was still able to create over 400 works, demonstrating both his complexity and dedication to music. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Milhaud.wps

Composer / Scott Joplin -- The American Schubert: A 5 page essay on the life and work of turn-of-the century composer Scott Joplin which concentrates on his masterpiece, the opera, "Treemonisha" which only received proper recognition in 1976 when it won the Pulitzer Prize for music. The writer discusses technical aspects of Joplin’s music, the artistic progression of his career, and his influence on other composers and forms of music. Bibliography included.. Joplin.wps

The Life & Works Of Clara Schumann : A 6 page essay on the famous nineteenth century pianist detailing her accomplishments and her famous relationship with her husband, composer Robert Schumann. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Clarasch.wps

Maurice Ravel / French Composer : A 5 page research paper which looks at the life and musical career of this influential twentieth-century French composer. The writer discusses the differences between the work of Ravel and Debussy, with whom his work is often paired, and discusses how the intensely romantic nature of Ravel’s work added to its popularity. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Mauricer.wps

Puccini’s "La Tosca" / The Relationship Between Tosca & Mario Cavardadossi : The title character of Puccini’s La Tosca is a deeply conflicted woman. Tosca is both fragile and volatile, vulnerable and enraged. Her jealousy, perhaps her central character flaw, is expressed through the music of this opera, and the relationship between Tosca and Mario is the central tragedy of this work. This 5 page paper considers the relationship between the actions of the characters and the operatic developments that represent the tormented and tragic relationship between Tosca and Mario. No additional sources cited. Tosmar.wps

Puccini’s Tosca / The Relationship Between Tosca And Mario Cavardadossi, Act I : The title character of Puccini’s La Tosca is a deeply conflicted woman. Tosca is both fragile and volatile, vulnerable and enraged. Her jealousy, perhaps her central character flaw, is expressed through the music of this opera, and the relationship between Tosca and Mario is the central tragedy of this work. This 5 page paper considers the relationship between the actions of the characters and the operatic developments that represent the tormented and tragic relationship between Tosca and Mario. No additional sources cited. Tosca.wps

Tchaikovsky's Ballet Music (Russian) : 5 pages analytically discussing the creation, performance, and performing arts science behind the classics "Swan Lake" and "Nutcracker Suite" by Tchaikovsky. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Ballet.wps

Igor Stravinsky’s "The Rite of Spring" : A 6 page research paper on this revolutionary work by this famous Russian composer. Its debut in 1913 was by far the most dramatic, and the most scandalous, in music history. The primitive nature of the music and ballet nearly caused a riot as people screamed and hooted at the stage. The writer discusses the nature of the music and the ballet which caused such a severe reaction from its first audience. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Springrit.wps

The Emergence Of The LP Album In The Recording Industry : An 8 page outline covering the technological history of the vinyl disc, prehistory influences, marketing influences, and advancements in the industry since the first vinyl discs. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Vinylr.wps

Aaron Copland and His Music : A 7 page discography with 25% history on Aaron Copland and his music. The paper highlights his ballets, operas, and discusses his contributions to the film industry. Bibliography lists14 sources. Copland.wps

The Development of Jazz : An 8 page research paper that examines the origins of this particularly American form of music. The writer discusses how jazz originated from African-American traditions, blending the rhythms of Africa with the harmonic and melodic elements of European music. The focus of this paper is on the nineteenth century origins of jazz and those precursors of jazz--ragtime and the blues. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Devjazz.wps

Ladies in Jazz : An 8 page research paper that looks at the history of women performers in jazz. The general public assumes that jazz is male territory. Even though the names of some of the women who were influential in jazz history are well known, it's as if somehow they don't count-they were flukes-exceptions. Nevertheless, women have been intrinsically involved in jazz since its beginnings. They may not have gotten the bookings, sometimes their arrangements became famous while they did not, but they have been there every step of the way-whether the men liked it or not. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Jazzwomn.wps

Ann Patterson / Jazz Musician : A 5 page paper about Ann Patterson and her role in the world of jazz. The writer explores the strides she has made for other women in jazz, including those women in her band, Maiden Voyage. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Annpatt.wps

Count Basie's Life & Music : A 7 page paper on Count Basie's life and contributions to the music industry and to individual artists who were influenced by him. The writer discusses the band's style and specific contributions to musical innovation. Bibliography lists 8 souces. FREE outline included. Basie.wps

Cy Coleman : 5 pages describing the life and works of 20th century musician (Jazz) : Cy Coleman. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Cycolemn.wps

Dizzy Gillespie : Approximately 5 pages in length. Paper discusses the life and works of 20th century jazz musician "Dizzy" Gillespie. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Gillespie.wps

Sonny Rollins : A 5 page paper that provides an overview of the life and work of jazz artist Sonny Rollins. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Sonnyrol.wps

How Billie Holiday Influenced Jazz : In 6 pages, the writer discusses Billie Holiday and her influence on jazz. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Howbill.wps

Jazz Music During the "Roaring Twenties" : 10 pages in length. A detailed look at Jazz music as an important socio-cultural trend in the U.S. during the 1920's and 30's. Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, W.C. Handy, & James P. Johnson are among a few of the artists examined from this era. Bibliography lists approximately 8 sources. Jazzmusi.wps

The Music Of Duke Ellington & Miles Davis : A 16 page research paper which takes a detailed look at the careers of both Ellington and Davis. The writer demonstrates the points of similarity between these two great artists and then discusses how they differed. Bibliography contains 15 sources. Delld.wps

Noel Pointer / A Light That Went Out Too Soon : A 5 page research paper that looks at the life of jazz violinist Noel Pointer. His life was like a falling star across the night sky--brilliant and beautiful, awe-inspiring and all too short since he died suddenly of massive stroke at the age of 39 in 1994. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Noelpoin.wps

Jazz Plugs In / The Use Of Electronic Music In Jazz : A 5 page research paper which looks at how electronics have affected jazz. The writer begins with the fusion movement of the 60s and 70s which combined electronics with jazz and rock and then gives a brief overview of the effect which software packages are having both for the professional and the amateur musician. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Jazzplug.wps

Steamers - The "Perfect" Jazz Café : A 5 page analysis of the music heard at a small jazz café located in Southern California. The writer loved the music and the intimate quality of the café. No sources cited. Steamjaz.wps

The Birth Of Blues Music : A 10 page research paper which examines the origins of the blues and how this musical medium grew out of African-American culture as an expression of protest against the society which suppressed them. The writer covers such topics as the history of the blues, as well as spotlighting African-American artists whose works were instrumental in forming the blues as we know it today. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Bluebirt.wps

Muddy Waters / King Of The Blues : A 5 page research paper on the life and music of this blues artist who was so influential to a whole generation of rock and blues musicians. It has been said of Muddy Waters that he took the blues from being a low moan over the Mississippi Delta and transformed it into an electronic, urban art form. The writer gives background biographical detail of Waters’ life and also discusses the progression of his career. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Mudwat.wps

Blues Music vs. Country Music : A 6 page paper analytically comparing these two styles of music. The writer details various similarities and differences in lyric and content, and includes two original songs as examples in an appendix. Bluescou.wps

Gershwin’s Preludes : A 10 page research paper which examines these examples of Gershwin’s serious classical work. The writer also explores the intriguing notion that there were more then the traditional 3 which are played and recorded today. While the paper focuses specifically on the preludes, it also gives a brief look at the way in which Gershwin was perceived by the classical music world of his day. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Gershwin.wps

George Gershwin -- In His Own Write : A 6 page creative essay on Gershwin’s life in musical theater, told creatively from his own point of view. Two books are cited as references. Gershwin.wps

Tchaikovsky As A Hero : The 5 page research paper on the life and music of nineteenth-century Russian composer Peter Illich Tchaikovsky. The writer demonstrates how the composer’s gift of melody, technical proficiency, and contributions to ballet and opera definitely make him one of the greatest composer of all time. The paper also touches on how Tchaikovsky’s homosexuality influenced how his music was regarded in academic circles. Bibliography contains 4 sources. Tchai.wps

Tchaikovsky / Hero Or Villain ? : In 11 pages, the writer discusses that Tchaikovsky was in actuality a villain, not the hero that he was made out to be, while using critical perspectives such as Freudianism, Feminism, and Marxism. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Kovsky.wps

Frank Sinatra / The Man, The Celebrity : 20 pages in length. The mystique of Frank Sinatra -- his music, his power and his celebrity -- has been addressed in countless books, magazines and documentaries. How he has captured his audience and held them in such a trance for over fifty years is beyond the scope of most entertainers. The writer spans Sinatra's life and times, paying particular attention to the highlights -- and lowlights -- of a career that once petered out only to have revived itself ten-fold. Extensive bibliography included. Sinatra.rtf

The Life Of Frank Sinatra : A 5 page overview of the life of Frank Sinatra. The writer covers the esssentials : Sinatra’s personal background, songs, movies, & style. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Sinatra.WPS

A Music Ethnography Of the Bluegrass Group "Intermountain Acoustics" : An 8 page paper discussing a group of five musicians who form "Intermountain Acoustics," a bluegrass group. Consists of notes and observations. Blueg.wps

History Of Gospel Music / "Move On Up a Little Higher" : This 5 page paper discusses the history of gospel music in America, from its pre-Civil War beginning to its breakthrough in the mid-1900s to its current popular status. It pays special attention to the influence of gospel music and its performers, particularly Thomas Dorsey and Mahalia Jackson, on the changes in the African American condition. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Gospelmu.wps

The Revival Of Christian Music : An 8 page paper discussing Christian charismatic music and its revival since the mid-1980s. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Charmus.wps

Trope Of Song / Music In Latin American Literature: In 5 pages the author discusses the trope of song/music in Latin American literature, addressing the work of various Latin American writers. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Tropelat.wps

The Trope Of Jazz / Blues In Black Literature & Poetry : A 15 page research paper which explores the profound connection between blues and jazz and African-American literature and poetry. The writer relates how music was the only source of creativity allowed blacks during the slave era, and how this caused a rich musical heritage to be developed which has carried over into works of such writers as Langston Hughes and Toni Morrison. The "Coltrane poems," which were inspired by the work of the great jazz musician, John Coltrane, are also explored. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Litpoet.wps

Stephen Sondheim : Composer and lyricist Stephen Sondheim is profiled in this 6 page paper. His influence on American musical theater is integrated into a history of theater itself. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Sondheim.wps

The Development of Sound Synthesizers in Response to Pop Culture : A 6 page paper that discusses how the legacy of electronic music has emerged since its first application to Bach to one of necessity by all musicians in order to re-create studio sounds on stage. The industry has responded well to artists’ needs by creating the MIDI system that has made it possible to bring music to all electronic mediums, including the Internet. However, this does not preclude the earlier electronic systems built in the 1970s which are still used by popular bands. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Synth.wps

La Musique Concrete : A 9 page research paper on Musique Concrete (Concrete Music) -- a genre created using recordings of pre-existing sound material, usually not instrumental nor electronic in origin. Concrete Music was pioneered by Pierre Schaeffer and Pierre Henry in the 1940's and can very well be regarded as the predecessor of modern "noise" music. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Musiconc.wps

The Life & Works of Paul McCartney : A 7 page biography on Paul McCartney. The writer traces the events in McCartney's life that shaped him and caused him to evolve into the pop icon he is today. Bibliography cites 16 sources. Paulmcar.wps

Bruce Springsteen’s Serenade To Labor : A 7 page paper relating the singer’s songs to the plight of the Americal Labor Movement. Shortly after Billy Joel sang of the woes of "Allentown," the story of hard-working Pennsylvania steel mill employees in the early 1980s, Bruce Springsteen was making himself hugely rich and incomparably famous with some of the most overtly political music in pop history. In the mid-1990s, the Springsteen message has moved from the focus of the laid-off factory worker to that of the poor immigrant needing work in whatever form. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Springst.wps

Peter Gabriel's "Come Talk to Me" As Poetry : A 4 page analysis of the lyrics to "Come Talk to Me" by songwriter Peter Gabriel. The writer argues that these lyrics can be considered independently from the music and that they stand alone as a poem in their own right. No additional sources cited. Gablyr.wps

Modern Song Lyrics Analyzed / Conflict Theory : Bush's 1994 release "Machinehead" is analyzed in its relationship to conflict theory. Conflict theory is discussed as seen by sociologists Marx and Weber as well as later contributors such as Mead and Goffman. The focus of the 5 page paper is on the song itself and its exemplification of sociological theory. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Confthe.wps

The Grateful Dead's Timeless Influence... : A 10 page paper describing the Grateful Dead’s [classic rock -n- roll band] influence upon three generations of "Dead Heads." The writer was an avid fan of the group. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Grateful.wps

Madonna & Contemporary Culture : A 10 page research paper on Madonna as a cultural symbol. The writer describes Madonna as a cultural image, how she reflects women's rights, rebellion, and sexuality, and what she says about our culture. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Madonna.wps

Impact of Music Lyrics & Videos on Children and Youth : 5 pages. The impact of music lyrics and videos on children and youth is devastating. They are exposed to lyrics and videos concerning death, sex, and drug usage. Impressionable young people take those lyrics and videos to heart, and become ensconced in a world that is based on the music. Music plants ideas in the minds of those young people. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Musiclv.wps

Rock ‘n’ Roll & 20th Century American Culture : A 6 page research paper which examines the relationship between 20th century culture and rock n’ roll particularly in regards to how it expressed the sense of alienation and separation of a generation during the sixties. The writer demonstrates how the political philosophies of such composers as Bob Dylan were expressed in their music and how this, in turn, influenced the political environment of that time. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Musiceff.wps

Blues Traveler / Music And Society : A 6 page paper discussing music’s role in society, today, yesterday, in America and elsewhere. The main band in focus is Blues Traveler, a relatively new band, in comparison to some, that has a tremendous following, heralded by some as the next Grateful Dead. While they appear to be fairly simple individuals they are involved in issues which illustrate how music collides with society in many ways. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Bluestra.wps

Manhattan Transfer : A 5 page research paper that focuses on the famous a cappella group and their music. The writer gives the group's history and describes a typical concert. Bibliography lists 1 source. Mtransf.wps

Actor / Singer Paul Robeson’s Political Mistreatment In The United States : Paul Robeson was a remarkably talented singer & actor who faced adversity in the form of racial prejudice and intolerance; he was labeled subversive due to his outspokenness about racial injustice and his defense of some communistic principles. In this insightful 8 page research paper, the writer argues on behalf of Robeson and in defense of his activities. FREE outline included. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Paulrobe.wps

Italian Music & Its Development Over a Thousand Years : An 8 page discussion of Italian music and its key works & figures during various times ranging from the Middle Ages through the Baroque, Renaissance, and 19th & 20th century periods. Many key composers and the significance of their historic contributions are discussed. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Italmusi.wps

Middle Eastern Music : A 5 page paper on Music in the Middle of the Eastern part of the world. The paper talks about popular styles, instruments that are used, and where the music of the Middle East is going in the future. Mideasmu.wps

The Music of St. Croix, United States Virgin Islands : 5 pages in length. Calypso is the sound of St. Croix -- political, soul-rending, lively calypso. But a debate rages in the islands as to whether "new" calypso, also known as "soca," is the wave of the musical future or just another dance trend. No Bibliography. Stcroix.wps

The Impact of Apartheid On The Musical Cultures Of South Africa : A 2 page paper that considers the impact of Apartheid and social oppression on the progression of musical cultures through out the country. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Samusic.doc

The Impact of Modern Technology On The Musical Cultures Of Eastern Europe :
A 2 page paper that provides an overview of the impacts of modernization and musical technologies on the musical cultures in Eastern Europe. Bibliography lists 3 sources. EeMusic.doc

The Impact of Salsa Music On Latino Children In The US : A 2 page paper that considers the impact of Salsa music on Latino children in the US and then compares this to the impact on children in Latin America. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Salsa.mus.wps

Sinead O’Connor & The Philosophies Of Tolstoy, Rushkin, Bica, and Maritain : A 5 page paper discussing the works of a controversial artist, Sinead O’Connor, in light of the philosophical interpretation and ideas of the listed philosopher/writers. Bibliography lists four sources. Sinead.doc

The Role of Minstrels During the Middle Ages : A complete 5 page overview of the varying roles that minstrels played during the Middle Ages. The focus of the discussion is upon different types of music, instrumentation, lyrics, Gregorian chants, etc;-- Some mention of jugglers, fiddlers, dancers, and jesters exists in the body of the paper as well. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Minsrpt.wps

Musical Heritage / Reactions to a Gospel Concert : This 4 page essay contains the writer's personal reactions to a school-based Gospel Concert which lasted 120 minutes and featured various examples of the music's sub-genres. No Bibliography. Gospelco.wps

Irving Berlin / An American Legend : A 4 page paper discussing the famous songwriter Irving Berlin. The writer tells of Berlin's life -- both in and out of the music world. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Ivberlin.wps

Nicola Vincentino / His Life, Times & Works: A 10 page research paper on the life and work of the 16th century composer. The writer details the context of his life and work in regard to the music of the time, his harmonic theories, and his published works. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Vincenti.wps

Music Appreciation Through The Ages : 30 pages in length. One of the reasons that the "average Joe" cares little for classical music is that he knows nothing of it. We have raised generations in which it is common for the average person to be unable to distinguish between Vivaldi and Tchaikovsky. Khatchaturian is an unknown name, and a response of, "I’ve heard that one—it’s on all the old cartoons" is commonplace. Some observers believe that classical music is now a special taste, like Greek language or pre-Columbian archeology. With the proper exposure and the proper method of teaching—that of anticipated surprise rather than supreme boredom and all-too-common pretentiousness—that respect can slip into a love of the music that will be enduring for a lifetime and so preserve the genius of the ages. Bibliography lists 16 sources. Musicapr.rtf

Technology & Music Education : A 10 page research paper which looks at how computer technology is impacting the field of music education. The writer gives an overview of some of the technological marvels available and then discusses the controversy as to how much these new innovations should replace traditional pedagogies. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Tmaus.wps

The Importance of Music in the Early Education Curriculum : An 8 page argumentative discussion pertaining to the importance of music in the classroom / curriculum. The writer feels that music programs receive insufficient funding and attention from school boards and quotes a number of professional opinions who maintain that young students without sufficient music education are culturally impaired as a result. Bibliography lists 7 sources. FREE outline included. Musicedu.wps

The Importance Of Music In Education : In this 7 page research paper, the writer explores various ways in which music can be implemented as an educational tool. Various examples and classroom strategies are provided. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Musiced.wps

Block Scheduling and Music Instruction : A 14 page paper that considers the impact of block scheduling on music instruction. This paper demonstrates that there are specific issues for music teachers and ways in which these issues can be addressed within the process of block scheduling design. Bibliography with18 sources. Blockmus.wps

Teaching Music to the Disabled : A 12 page, research paper on the unique obstacles that music teachers face when dealing with the neurologically-impaired. Using a number of comprehensive sources, insight is provided into making the process a more feasible and productive one for both the teacher and the student. Bibliography lists 9 references. Disabmus.wps

Rap Music : The genre is examined in the light of popular culture in a 10 page paper. The history and development of rap music since the seventies is provided. Rap is also discussed as its significance as an art form as well as its effects on society. Bibliography lists more than a dozen. Rapmusic.wps

Criticisms Of Rap Music / Valid Arguments Or Extended Prejudices ? : In this well-prepared 5 page essay, the writer argues that there exists a great societal irony in the fact that lyrically-violent rap music is critiqued as destructive to a specific culture and at the same time praised by ‘hip-hop advocates’ for its realistic contributions to the social advancement of today’s inner city Black youths. It is asserted that critics of rap music fail to recognize it for its redeeming social value. And more importantly, we should be struggling to correct the very real problems that rap describes in its lyrics and not trying to hide or bury them even deeper by attacking the music itself. No Bibliography. Rap.wps

Does Gangsta Rap Cause Street Crime? : A 7 page paper on the effect of this form of music on the criminal justice issue of street crime. The writer examines the lyrics of gangsta rap songs and relates popular opinion on this issue. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Crimjust.wps

Positive & Negative Images in Rap Music : A 2 page essay examining the different views that exist concerning rap music. Discussed are the concerns of the Parent's Music Resource Center (PMRC) and similar groups. These concerns are countered by the testimonies of rappers such as Snoop Doggy Dog, Ice T, etc; who claim that they are only portraying realism. No Bibliography. Rapmusic.wps

Public Cynicism Towards Rap Music : A 4 page essay in which the writer reports on a small-scale study conducted of local college students to determine their general attitudes towards rap music. A selection of individual from various cultures is examined and it is noted that virtually nobody chooses to be indifferent towards the music; they either love it or hate it. Raprsch.wps

Rap Music As A Major Development In U. S. Music History : 10 pages in length. The writer discusses rap music and the hip-hop culture as a major development in U. S. Music History. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Rapdev.doc

The Impact Of Rap / Hip Hop Music In Germany : 9 pages in length. With its roots in America, German rap and hip hop have grown throughout the years to incorporate many and various interpretations. Both mainstream and underground groups are represented in Germany, with a bigger emphasis placed on mainstream acceptance. The writer discusses how rap and hip hop have infiltrated Germany, how it differs from its American cousin, as well as what separates the mainstream from the underground. Bibliography lists 8 sources. GermnRap.wps rap music

The Societal Impact of Computer Music : In 5 pages the author discusses the societal impact of computer music. "What do MIDIs, software synthesizers, and compact discs have in common? They are all mediums for computer music. Computer music in one form or another has taken the world by storm and all of society is affected by computer music. Today's technology has developed to the extent that computer music is the norm. Anyone that owns or has access to a computer has heard computer music. Compact discs are also computerized instruments for music, although people might not think of them as such." Bibliography lists 4 sources. Socicmus.wps

Internet Music Sales : A 6 page paper discussing the potential of online music sales in conjunction with the recordable CD-roms that are now available for consumer use. The retail music industry has been in decline for years, and the possibilities of basing sales on consumer choices rather than producers’ "hunches" could prove to the turning point for the entire industry. Combining the recordable CD-rom, high-speed modems and secure Internet transactions could prove to the saving grace of the changing music industry. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Netmusic.wps

Marketing Music On The Internet : A 10 page essay on the past, present and future of music marketing. The discussion of the future of music marketing focuses primarily on various forms of Internet marketing. A few of the topics broached are marketing from its earliest days when nearly anyone could be published in sheet music but recordings were scarce, to radio-driven popularity/sales building, to today’s Internet market where the mass market approach is reduced to marketing to an audience of one, followed by some anticipated trends for the future. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Netmusic.wps

There is NO Relationship Between Music & Suicide : This 5 page paper attempts to prove a thesis that there is no relationship between rock music and suicide. The difficult sociological task is accomplished through the use of suicide statistics through the years as well as a look at music. Other research is utilized inclusive of the Stack & Gundlach study linking country music with suicide. Durkheim’s influence is of course noted. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Sociosu.wps

Aerobics & Health : 2 pages on Aerobics and the factors that make this particular form of exercise so healthy. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Aerobics.wps

Fred Astaire : 5 pages worth of biographical information on Fred Astaire. Includes analysis of two of his works ("Gay Divorce" and "Top Hat"). Bibliography not available (also good for film study). Astaire.wps

Fred Astaire & Gene Kelly : 8 pages comparing two legendary dancers : Fred Astaire & Gene Kelly. Various elements of style are discussed. Bibliography lists 6 sources (also good for film study). Astakell.wps

Singin' In The Rain / Gotta Dance Sequence : This 15 page paper analyzes the Gotta Dance/Broadway Melody sequence in the 1952 film, Singin' in the Rain. The sequence just prior to this one is discussed in terms of its importance to the meaning of the Gotta Dance sequence. The scenes are described and analyzed for effectiveness and meaning in the film as a whole. Bibliography lists 1 source. Gottadan.wps

Line Dancing : A 5 page paper on the general background of line dancing, its popularity and decline. The paper focuses on the benefits of line dancing as it relates to physical and mental health. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Linedance.doc

Tchaikovsky's Ballet Music (Russian) : 5 pages analytically discussing the creation, performance, and performing arts science behind the classics "Swan Lake" and "Nutcracker Suite" by Tchaikovsky. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Ballet.wps

Igor Stravinsky’s "The Rite of Spring" : A 6 page research paper on this revolutionary work by this famous Russian composer. Its debut in 1913 was by far the most dramatic, and the most scandalous, in music history. The primitive nature of the music and ballet nearly caused a riot as people screamed and hooted at the stage. The writer discusses the nature of the music and the ballet which caused such a severe reaction from its first audience. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Springrit.wps

The American Dance Festival / Article Review : A 3 page review of Linda Belans’ nine-part series "The American Dance Festival: Where It Is and Where It's Going" in the online dance journal Talk About Dance. It covers the various problems encountered by a modern dance company, and concludes with an analysis of how these problems are common to all arts organizations today. No additional sources cited. Danceart.wps

Honoring Choreographer Meredith Monk : A 3 page paper on journalist Linda Belans’ article "Honoring Meredith Monk's Choreography at the American Dance Festival", which was featured in Talk About Dance, an online dance journal. The paper shows how the exclusion of talented but avant-garde performers from inclusion in performing arts subscription series diminishes the richness of the audience experience. No additional sources cited. Dancear2.wps

Modern Dance : Three fictitious dance companies are created in this 5 page paper. All three New York City based companies participate in a thematic series which represents abundance. These companies are created utilizing techniques from historic modern dance figures such as Martha Graham, Isadora Duncan and Merce Cunningham. Costume and set design are discussed. Modance.wps

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