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Going into the 21st Century : A 6 page paper discussing some of the subjects that will be of great concern as we move into the 21st century. The three subjects addressed herein are technology, medicine, and international relations. Each of these three areas of concern are of great importance and while there are many other areas that will also change and readjust to a new era, these areas of concern are perhaps the most obvious and most influential to all people concerned. The 21st century is hinting at being a time of great changes and occurrences. Times have changed drastically in only a few decades, and there is little doubt that changes and advancements have been occurring far faster this past century than perhaps, in any other century known to mankind. Technology, medicine, and international relations have always proven to be the most advancing, and the coming of the 21st century will prove this fact even further. Bibliography lists 4 sources. 21st.wps

Disease Pathology / Global Exposure & Treatment : A 5 page research paper on the global implications of disease pathology. The writer focuses on the ecological (weather) and human contact factors associated with the transfer of disease, and posits that localized studies in disease monitoring such as that practiced by Jenner, continues to benefit both local and global communities. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Dispath.wps

AIDS & The Green Monkey : 6 pages in length. "A Presentation of Fact Demonstrating the Validity of the Theory that AIDS Originated from (Green) Monkeys." Discusses and agrees with pertinent theories---Very detailed. Bibliography lists 5+ sources. Greenmky.wps

Improvement in AIDS Research and Treatment : A 4 page research paper on new trends in treatment of AIDS. The writer details the scope of the death rate, the emotional effect, and new drug and genetic treatments. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Aidstrea.wps

HIV --Transmission, Prevention, Management, Ethics, & Attitudes : This 12 page paper reviews fundamental information about human immuno-deficiency virus (HIV) and education and treatment topics. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Hivhard.wps

H.I.V. Does Not Cause A.I.D.S. : A 23 page research project offering factual and statistical evidence that HIV does not necessarily cause AIDS as the media would like us to believe. Paper explores the evolution of AIDS research within the medial community and the need to use HIV as a pertinent scapegoat. In detail, the writer explains both HIV and AIDS and their disparities. Well-researched and highly-documented, the report's bibliography contains 20 relevant sources. Aidshiv.wps

Pediatric AIDS : A 17 page paper on the diagnosis, treatment and other factors surrounding pediatric AIDS. Bibliography lists 25 sources. Pedaids2.wps

The Effect Of Pre-Operative Teaching in Outpatient Surgery -- A Study of Stress Levels In Patients With Elective Cholecystectomy : A 17 page research study created to consider the impacts of pre-operative instruction on reducing stress levels in elective gallbladder surgery. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Cholmy.wps

Article Review / Estimating the Tumoral Half-life of Fluorouracil : 5 page explication of a 1994 journal article in which the authors assess the association of intratumoral pharmacokinetics of fluorouracil with clinical response. Built upon was existing research which had established that In-vivo flouring-19 nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMRS) facilitates non-invasive, immediate, chemical identification of distinct fluorinated compounds within tumors found in humans after flouorouracil is given. The authors of the discussed study employ kinetic measures of the drug administered as well as metabolies to estimate the tumoral half-life of fluorouracil. No Bibliography. Medartic.wps

Article Review / Dementia as an Epidemiologic Issue : 4 page review of a Lancet article in which the author posits that certain forms of dementia may be an epidemiologic issue among senior citizens. Advances in neuroimaging techniques of the brain are among the many breakthroughs discussed in this analysis. Full bibliographic citation for the article is provided. Medicart.wps

Article Review / Interferon as an Impediment to the Progress of Hepatitis : 3 page review of a Lancet article which examines experimental uses of interferon as a treatment in cases of chronic hepatitis C (clinically called 'Poynard') and also in cases of HCV cirrhosis (clinically called 'Nishiguchi'). Full bibliographic citation for the article is provided. Medicar2.wps

"Disclosure of Hereditary Illness : A Look At How Genetic Testing Is Raising New Legal and Bioethical Questions" : 19 pages in length. A thorough examination of issues concerning forced disclosure of genetic information and the right to privacy. Excellent for those studying genetics and/or medical ethics. Legal and ethical issues are mentioned. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Genetic.wps

Hemophilia and Genetics : A comprehensive 5 page discussion of hemophilia and its genetic predictability. The disease and its symptoms are defined. Also discussed are modes of transmission, occurrence, and treatment. Some mention of the disease's history is included as well. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Hemophil.wps

Use Of Heparin Flushes To Maintain IVs : This 5 page paper analyzes the controversy surrounding the use of the heparin flush. Two articles which look at the medical dilemma are compared and contrasted. No other sources are cited. Heparin.wps

Contribution of Legionella pneumophilia’s Natural Environment to its Pathogenesis Ability : A 6 page paper discussing the manner in which this organism’s method of survival in nature contributes to its pathogenicity. L. pneumophilia is absolutely an aerobic bacterium. It favors the environment of water where there is the presence also of metal, such as water holding tanks, commercial cooling systems and shower heads, which ultimately could be important in determining its control through methods other than those currently available. An intracellular organism, it is highly adaptable to rapidly changing environmental conditions and shows the greatest affinity for those human cells that most closely match its preferred natural environment. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Patho.wps

Determining Listeria monocytogenes Kill Curves : A 5 page paper describing an experiment designed to result in kill curves for Listeria monocytogenes in orange juice when treated with heat. L. monocytogenes is a relatively rare but potentially deadly food-borne contaminant and is resistant not only to heat, acidity and salt treatment but also is known to thrive at low temperatures that indicate that even refrigeration is not an effective deterrent to its growth. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Listeria.wps

Pseudomonas aeruginosa Genetic Defects and Epithelial Uptake : An 8 page paper discussing the inability of genetically defective P. aeruginosa to successfully invade epithelial cells. A disturbing development of recent years is that many of the old standby antibiotics are no longer having sufficient effect on the old standby bacteria on which they have been used for years for effective control of disease. Genetic mapping of some of the most common disease-causing organisms, however, has led to the ability to genetically alter many disease organisms to the point that their potential virulence is affected. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Pseudo.wps

Residual Antibiotic Contamination in Milk : A 15 page paper discussing the origins and elimination of detectable levels of antibiotics in commercially-produced milk. Much antibiotic treatment in dairy cows is for varying forms of mastitis, some of which will run its course and then disappear. It appears that dairy farming is approaching the end of its hour glass on the widespread use of antibiotics, particularly in questionable applications. There is zero tolerance for any residue of antibiotics of any kind, and testing procedures are being developed that promise to be even more sensitive than those preceding. As testing for those antibiotics is more likely to find any detectable trace present, the importance of preventing any introduction of antibiotics into any operation’s milk production also concurrently increases. Bibliography lists 16 sources. MilkCont.wps

Superantigens in Disease : A 6 page paper discussing the mechanisms through which superantigens operate. Antigens and superantigens are protein substances produced by viruses and bacteria that trigger the body’s immune system into action. That immune system can degrade most antigens without bringing harm to healthy tissue, but the superantigen is the microbial antigen that is of particularly strong effect. Research has shown that those same mechanisms can be manipulated for the benefit of the individual undergoing procedures such as chemotherapy or victims of autoimmune deficiencies, creating the possibility of a therapeutic strategy from a formerly fully negative occurrence. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Supera.wps

Amino Acids : 5 page overview of amino acids, the basic building blocks of proteins, hormones, and enzymes. Bibliography lists 14 sources. AminoAcd.wps

G Protein Function : A 5 page paper discussing the function of G proteins, with an emphasis in GTPase and G protein receptor sites. G proteins have been found to be involved in a vast number of processes involving hormonal and drug therapy activity and are extensively involved in message transmission. GTPase inhibits those processes, and the mechanisms by which many of these interactions take place still are not well described. In part due to the sheer numbers of processes in which G proteins have roles and in part because they each have their own pharmacology while sharing similar structures, full description is likely to provide a wealth of research opportunity for some time to come. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Gprotein.wps

Gene Therapy for Cystic Fibrosis : A 5 page paper discussing the status of gene therapy for the treatment or prevention of cystic fibrosis. Cystic fibrosis is an autosomal recessive disorder caused by mutations in the gene encoding the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator protein (CFTR). Mutations at this site lead to a variety of associated symptoms, and those with the disease have an expected life span of only 25 years. Gene therapy has had successful clinical trials in adults, but the real debate centers around the possibility (and ethics) of in utero gene therapy. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Cysfib.wps

Common Colds And The Flu / Causes And Cures : 10 pages in length. Inasmuch as people "catch" a cold on the average of twice a year for adults and around six times for children, the medical community is still looking for definitive reasons behind its existence and elusive cure. Established most often as a viral condition, the common cold comes in an assortment of over two hundred types, which explains why people can be stricken with one after another after another. However, as miserable as one might be with a cold, the flu is all that and worse. Also appearing primarily in the colder months, influenza mirrors many of the same symptoms as the cold, except for the fact that it most often stems from only three viruses: type A, B and C. The writer discusses causes and cures in relation to colds and the flu. Bibliography lists 6 sources. ColdFlu.wps

The Borna Virus / Its Link to Depression in Humans : A 9 page discussion of the Borna virus, an infectuous agent which attacks the central nervous system, and its link to depression and other psychiatric disorders in humans. Presents the most current research on the virus and concludes that, although it is highly probable, no definative proof yet exists which definitively incriminates Borna in human psychiatric disorders. Bornaviru.wps

The Bubonic Plague : A 5 page overview of the Bubonic plague. Paper covers its history, modern occurrences, prevention & treatment etc.; Bibliography lists 4 sources *(See Also Blackdea.wps -- under Western Civ. category). Bubonic.wps

The Bubonic Plague -- Compared With The A.I.D.S. Plague : In this insightful 5 page essay, the writer discusses similarities between the Bubonic, or "Black Plague" (a.k.a. "Black Death") of the 14th century, and the modern-day A.I.D.S. crisis. Public health and social issues are taken into consideration as they relate to each of the two societies discussed. Stereotypes, discrimination, and popular fears are analyzed as well. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Bubonaid.wps

The Bubonic Plague & The Organism Which Causes It / Yersinia Pestis : A 16 page examination of the bubonic plague, its causative agent and its various forms. Includes information on vectors, treatment, and morphology. Bibliography includes fifteen sources. Bubonorg.wps

The Black Plague : This 5 page paper is a fictitious depiction of an artisan dying of the plague in Medieval times. Explanations of the reality of the times are clarified and documented. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Medblp.wps

The Black Death in Europe : In 6 pages the author discusses the Black Death in Europe.The Black Death was also known as the Black Plague. This plague was catastrophic to the population of Europe during the fourteenth century. The Black Death killed a great number of the population. It knew no cultural or socioeconomic boundary, killing peasant and aristocrat alike. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Blkdth.wps

Social Changes Resulting From Bubonic Plague : A 6 page paper discussing both immediate and long-lasting changes brought on by necessary shifts in custom in response to the loss of 1/3 of Europe’s population during the Black Death. The Black Plague put the entire structure of society in flux as people lived in very fear for their lives and tried to deal with life in as normal manner as possible while half cities fell all around them. Perhaps the most lasting changes arose from the necessity of letting "new blood" into established institutions such as law and medicine in order to assure their continuance. These people brought new patterns of thinking, and many of them may have never had any other opportunity to rise beyond their peasant status had the plague not made both land and position available. It was a time of the first respect for the power of labor, and it was the time of the first recorded persecution of the Jews. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Bubplag.wps

How Cholera & The Plague Reached Epidemic Proportions : 6 pages in length Both cholera and the plague have reached epidemic proportions at different times throughout history. The environmental factors attributed to their worldwide spread are many, as is their capacity to harm a great number of people in one fell swoop. Focusing upon these causes and attempting to avert their overwhelming affect upon the populace as a whole is of primary concern to contemporary health strategies; however, prevention of such damaging infectious disease is both monumental and difficult. The writer discusses cause and prevention as they relate to cholera and the plague. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Cholplag.wps

Polio / History of the Disease & Its Vaccine : This 6 page report discusses the disease poliomyelitis. The history of the disease in the U.S., the public’s reactions, information about the search for a cure or vaccine, as well as the development of the vaccine to combat it. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Poliovac.wps

Disease - Causing Parasite / Leishmania Donovani : Leishmani Donovani is a parasite carried by flies and known to have wiped out nearly 70% of the population in one region of the Southern Sudan from the late 1980's through the early 1990's. Issues concerning geographic spreading of the parasite & its disease course/symptoms, variations of Leishmania Donovani, etc; -- are examined in this 9 page report. Bibliography lists 9 scholarly sources-- predominately from medical journals. Leishman.wps

Disease - Causing Parasite / Onchocerca Volvulus : 8 pages in length. A detailed discussion of Onchocerca Volvulus, a parasitic worm known to cause "river blindness" and death in certain regions of Africa. The condition caused by this parasite is specifically known as onchocerciasis-- and in this report its range, frequency, symptoms, epidemiology, effects, and clinical diagnosis are examined closely. Projects being undertaken to control the problem are also discussed. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Onchocer.wps

Ebola Hemorrhagic Virus : A 10 page overview of Ebola, its history and its manifestations. Bibliography lists seven sources. Ebolavir.wps

William Close’s "Ebola: A Documentary Novel of Its First Explosion" : This 5 page report discusses the "documentary novel" of the first outbreak of Ebola that killed hundreds in Zaire in 1976. Bibliography lists 1 source. Wclose.wps

Ebola : This 5 page paper discusses the implications of Ebola, a viral hemorrhagic fever that is one of the deadliest of all known infectious diseases. The writer addresses its definition, causes, symptoms, treatment and current research. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Ebolafev.wps

Escherischia coli : A 5 page paper discussing the biology and effects of E. coli.  Bibliography lists three sources. Ecoli.wps

Escherichia Coli - O157:H7 : A 9 page paper discussing causes, incidence, treatment and prevention of infection caused by E. coli O157:H7. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Ecoli.doc

Salmonella : A 5 page discussion of the bacteria found under the genus Salmonella. Includes information on their biology, their method of attack, symptoms and ways to prevent infection. Bibliography lists three sources. Salmone.wps

The Genus Chlamydia / Emphasis On Chlamydia Trachomatis : A five page overview of the Chlamydia genus of bacteria with a particular emphasis on Chlamydia trachomatis the organism which is responsible for nongonococcal urethritis, a common sexually transmitted disease. Bibliography lists four sources. Chlamy.wps

Effects of Prenatal Exposure to Drugs : Publicity on children exposed prenatally to drugs has fostered tremendous concern about their cognitive and behavioral development. This concern is reflected in the out-of-home care system, where the number of children from drug-involved families has increased dramatically. This advanced-level,14 page research paper examines the conflicting views in the literature on the effects of prenatal exposure to drugs and reports on an early intervention project in a specific inner-city agency. Bibliography lists approximately 25 sources. Pregbaby.wps

Prenatal Drug Exposure / Diagnosis & Treatment : An 8 page research essay on individualized and multilevel approaches to diagnosis and treatment of children with prenatal drug exposure. The writer reviews research literature to point out the complexity of the problem and offers a case study approach to treatment program determination. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Predrug.wps

Methods For Performing Abortion : A 10 page paper that provides an overview of the basic methods of providing abortions and considers the changing status of this area of medicine. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Abortmed.wps

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome : 5 page discussion of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). Explores relevant problems, history, adolescent manifestations etc; Bibliography lists 7 sources. Fetalalc.wps

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) : A 12 page research paper on S.I.D.S. (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). The writer discusses frequency of occurrence, research funding, seasonal variation, infant epidemiology, and ways to reduce the risk of S.I.D.S. altogether. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Sids.wps

SIDS & Its Effect On Family : A 10 page paper that reports on the effect sudden infant death syndrome has on family members, especially the parents. Specific example are given of parents having this expereince. Bibliography lists 6 sources. SIDSeff.wps

Speech Aphasia & Language Impairment : Speech aphasia is a loss of a language ability due to focal brain damage. In this 9 page research paper, the writer examines various forms of speech aphasia, symptoms, and effects. Patterns of language impairment in children with speech aphasia are explained in detail and specific examples of dysfluency are provided. Treatment services in schools and elsewhere are described as well. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Spchapha.wps

The Characteristics of Children with Language Impairment & the Impact on Performance in Mathematics: Specific language impairment (SLI) in children have been recognized as a problematic elements in devising educational tools across disciplines, but in recent years, a number of studies have correlated SLI with problems in mathematics performance, suggesting specific issues for mathematics educators. This 5 page paper reflects the nature of this argument, underscores the correlation between the characteristics of children within language impairments and the impact of these characteristics on performance in specific mathematics tasks. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Langmath.wps

Traumatic Brain Injury And Juvenile Delinquency : A 7 page paper plus a 1 page outline investigates the correlation between traumatic brain injury and juvenile delinquency. TBI is nearly at epidemic proportions in this country and the child or adolescent who sustains such an injury must not only suffer the physical pain but then must deal with a significant behavioral change. The writer discusses the results of types of injuries and some treatments that can be used. Statistics regarding he incidence of TBI are also provided. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Braininj.wps

Gene Therapy : This 7 page paper explores gene therapy and its uses in combating terminal and genetic diseases. Bibliography included. Genti.wps

Is Endometriosis Related To Genetics ? : Endometriosis is a common problem among women during their reproductive years. In this 3 page paper, the writer discusses the general characteristics of Endometriosis, its occurrence, symptoms, and relevant statistics. The writer looks at the difficulty medical practitioners face in teaching women how to prevent a condition of this nature and the possibility of there being some genetic foundation for it. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Endometr.wps

Electroconvulsive ("Shock") Therapy : A 12 page paper that considers the topic of ECT in terms of nursing over the past 5 decades. This paper provides an overview of the literature which suggests the changing perceptions of ECT and the increasing use of it in recent years as a specific element of individualized treatment. Bibliography lists 17 sources. Electro.wps shock therapy

Electroshock Therapy : Electroconvulsive therapy, also commonly known as ECT or electroshock therapy, is discussed in a 9 page paper. While both sides of the issue are explored, the paper’s position is that the comeback of the controversial technique is not good and should be discouraged. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Electro.wps shock therapy

The Effects Of Warming Treatments On Emergence From General Anesthesia : An 8 page literature review supporting the theory that warming treatments, including the use of warmed blankets and intravenous solutions, can stabilize core body temperatures during procedures where patient temperature usually drops below 96 degrees. By using the example of anterior crucial ligament reconstruction, a procedure that decreases body temperature due to constant irrigation, the writer presents support for the theory. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Kneelit.wps

The Benefits of MIDCAB Versus Standard Coronary Bypass : An 8 page literature review that supports the theory that the MIDCAB or minimally invasive direct coronary bypass procedure, has a number of benefits for patients and nurses over the commonly used standard coronary bypass procedure. The benefits for patients include less pain, because the procedure is less invasive and does not require a sternotomy, quicker recovery times and shorter hospital stays. It is the theory of the author that this also benefits nurses by decreasing the amount of time they must provide cardiac care within the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CICU). Bibliography lists 9 sources. Midcab.wps

Molecular Pathophysiology, Myocyte Failure, Gene Expression, & Myocardial Repair : A 25 page paper that provides an overview molecular pathophysiology as it applies to the heart problems and the reparative and preventative systems involved from a cellular level. Bibliography lists 20 sources. Myocyte.wps

Myocardial Infarction / Current Data and the Implications for Nursing Prevention, Maintenance and Restoration : A 10 page paper that provides a comprehensive overview of the problem of myocardial infarction, and considers the current data regarding treatment and medical measures as they relate to the nursing processes of prevention, maintenance and restoration for individuals who have had a heart attack. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Myocar2.wps

Is There a Cancer Gene ? : 7 pages in length. A comprehensive, analytical review of scientific literature positing that cancer probability may be passed down genetically. Writer summarizes existing research and provides some personal opinion. 4 sources listed in bibliography. Cancerar.wps

Genetic Expression in Cancer : A 12 page paper discussing the actions and implications of genes p53 and pRB, and the enzyme telomerase in the control of cancer. Genes p53 and pRB are known to be tumor suppressor genes, inhibiting the ability of cancerous cells to thrive. Over half of all cancers reveal that the p53 gene has either been disabled or has been dismantled at the cellular level. Telomerase is an enzyme found most abundantly in association with cancerous conditions, preventing the shortening of chromosomal "endcaps," telomeres, that happens in normal cell growth and division. The enzyme prevents the shortening of the telomeres, prolonging the life of the cell. Telomerase provides the best indicator of cancerous conditions present and is measurable before there are any symptoms at all. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Gexpress.wps

Advantages & Disadvantages of Heamotopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation : A 15 page paper discussing transplants of stem cells from both bone marrow and peripheral blood. Bone marrow transplant is still the most aggressive form of cancer treatment and is often necessary following high dose chemotherapy and radiation for the eradication of certain cancerous conditions. Such high-dose treatments destroy the patient’s bone marrow, the site of all blood production, along with their targeted cancers. Now used in treatment of other diseases as well, the autologous bone marrow transplant in which the patient is his own donor is far more common than is the allogeneic transplant in which another person donates bone marrow to the patient. Increasingly, peripheral blood stem cell harvest and transplant is used either in place of or in addition to the autologous bone marrow transplant, and the pre-treatment patient may soon not be his only possible donor as the use of stem cells harvested from umbilical cord blood is more heavily investigated. Bibliography lists 41 sources. Stemcell.wps

Sickle Cell Anemia : A 7 page overview of the disease and its cause. Includes information regarding the geographic and demographic occurrence of the disease and the severity of its symptoms. Bibliography lists five sources. Scklcell.wps

Bone Marrow Transplants for Sickle Cell Anemia: A six page paper describing the new and somewhat controversial therapy for sickle cell anemia. The writer explains the pros and cons of bone marrow transplants for victims of this hereditary blood disease. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Sicklecl.wps

Bovine Cartilage / Bone Marrow Transplants In Treating Cancer : In this 12 page research paper, the writer examines various preventive measures and treatments for cancer including the effectiveness of certain diets, bovine cartilage transplants, and more. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Cancer.wps

TURP v. Brachytherapy In Treating Prostate Cancer : A 5 page analysis of TURP and seed implantation (brachytherapy) which looks at the benefits and side effects of each, as well as the recurrence rate of prostate cancer following each type of therapy. Includes a reommendation for which therapy is the better of the two. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Turp.wps

Prostate Cancer : A 6 page overview of the disease, its epidemiology, the diagnostic methods and the treatments. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Prostcan.wps

Dental Hygiene and Pediatric Patients’ Special Needs : A 6 page paper discussing some of the advantages hygienists have over parents in influencing children and teens to practice proper hygienic activities. As a growing segment of the population slips between those groups eligible for public dental care and those able to take advantage of routine private care, the message of the hygienist has become more important than at any other time. As a professional who is not that voice of "parent," teens also are frequently more apt to listen to the message of the hygienist and put it into practice. The paper also addresses what constitutes a "healthy" snack in the context of dental hygiene, such as cheese for neutralizing enamel-damaging acids and raw, crunchy fruits and vegetables for their cleansing benefits as well as their nutrient value. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Denthyg.wps

Dental Implants : A 5 page research paper in which the writer discusses root form implants, -- one type of dental implant being touted as a significant way of replacing dentures and uncomfortable dental prosthetics. The process utilizes a titanium "screw" onto which replacement teeth are secured. Bibliography lists 4 sources cited. Dental.wps

Periodontal Disease Control : A 7 page paper describing the various phases of periodontal disease and their control. Gingivitis is the most common, and the mildest form of periodontal disease. Periodontitis is by far the most destructive form of periodontal disease, and was formerly believed to be simply a condition of old age. There are several treatment and control measures available now, including a vaccine. Bibliography lists seven sources. Periodon.wps dental

Dental Phobia : In 6 pages the author discusses the condition commonly known as dental phobia. There are many phobias experienced by people. Some are afraid of heights. Others are afraid of closed-in spaces. One big phobia among today's population is dental phobia. Yes, that's right. The fear of dentists and/or dental procedures is a really big one. In fact, a surprising number of people have dental phobia. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Phobdent2.wps

Dental Hygiene And Phobia : There are many people who, for different reasons, have a very real and often debilitating fear of dentists. The fear of pain or the use of a needle, an aversion to the sights, sounds or smells that are encountered in a dentist's office or a cultural background that lends no importance to dental health - all of these could keep a person away from the dentist. The solution accepted by most professionals is an emphasis on preventative measures. Better dental care and early intervention will decrease the probability of painful, complicated or intrusive measures and possibly reduce the mount of trauma associated with the visit. This 10 page paper looks at phobia in terms of dentistry and the best strategy for an effective influence on dental phobia - education about and strict adherence to preventative measures such as using fluoride, efficient personal dental care, regular visits to the dentist and attention to the diet. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Dentphob.wps

Streptococcus mutans / An Overview : A 5 page overview of the polysaccharide-producing, ondopathogenic bacteria Streptococcus mutans. Includes information regarding its involvement in the formation of dental cavities. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Strepto.wps

Vitamin A and Birth Defects : A 5 page paper that provides an overview of the current findings that relate the overuse of vitamin A in the form of retinal to cranial neural crest defects. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Abirthd.wps

Review of "Vitamin C exhibits pro-oxidant properties" : A 4 page paper reviewing the report of a specific research. The article investigates whether there may be some detriment to the advice of the popular press that Vitamin C as a dietary supplement in fairly large doses. Published in Nature, the article is very brief. It lacks any literature review at all, and the discussion of findings also is very brief. However, it has great clarity in describing the methods used in the study, and lends itself well to being replicated by other researchers. Bibliography lists 1 source. KSvitc.wps

Thalidomide : A 6 page paper presenting the past uses of thalidomide and the associated birth defects as contrasted to the present research which appears to indicate thalidomide may be useful in the treatment of two forms of blindness, in the prevention of transplant organ rejection, and in other applications. Bibliography lists four sources. Thalidom.wps

Chicken Pox Epidemiology : A 10 page, technical examination of the clinical manifestations, Epidemiology, and health impact, of Varicella, commonly referred to as "Chicken Pox." Report is extremely well-detailed and includes primary research as well as a bibliography listing approximately 10 sources. Chickpox.wps

Seborrheic Keratosis : A 5 page overview of this dermatological condition characterized by benign surface growths of yellowish to black spots otherwise known as seborrheic warts. Asociates the condition with exposure to sun. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Sebokera.wps

Battling Glaucoma : An 8 page comprehensive research paper in which the writer discusses symptoms, occurrence, and treatment of glaucoma. The strength and weaknesses of various medications and laser surgery methods are assessed. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Glaucoma.wps

Heart Disease & Prevention : A detailed, 6 page discussion of coronary heart disease (the leading cause of death in the United States), its occurrence, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Heartdise.wps

Heart Diseases : A complete 7 page research paper containing in-depth information on the subject of heart disease. Included in the discussion are congenital disorders, problems of the pericardium, problems of the myocardium, and endocardial disease. The writer also includes a conclusive section of treatment and new technologies. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Heartdis.wps

Lifestyle & Cardiovascular Health : This 5 page research essay explores the relationship between behaviors and cardiovascular disease. A change in behaviors/lifestyle is critical to the patient's survival, i.e., decreasing the risk in myocardial infarctions, strokes, hypertension and other diseases. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Har.wps

Sudden Cardiac Death : A 9 page paper that discusses the physiology of SCD, prevention techniques and treatment (of survivors of myocardial infarction) as it relates to prevention of SCD. The paper discusses how SCD affects people of all ages and those with unhealthy and healthy lifestyles. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Suddenc.wps

Does Niacin Really Help The Heart ? : A 5 page paper on the effects of niacin on high blood pressure and high levels of cholesterol. In addition to talking about the effect of niacin as a drug that can help fight heart disease this paper also discusses and explains some of the other helpful benefits of taking niacin in smaller doses. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Niacin.wps

Surviving Stroke / A Family Affair : A 8 page paper that discusses stroke (cerebrovascular disease) and its effects on the patient's family, which plays an important role in recovery, particularly if the rehabilitation phase of treatment begins at home. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Stroke2.doc

Physical Activity and Stroke Prevention : A 12 page paper that provides an overview of the current literature regarding strokes and the impact that physical activity can have on improving the risk for this health problem. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Stroke.wps

Endorphins, Exercise & Pain : A 7 page study proposal on the relationship of endorphin release to the perception of pain. The writer theorizes that vigorous exercise helps lessen non-exercise related pain, and outlines a detailed research proposal for proving this. Bibliography lists five sources. Endorph.wps

The Relationship Between Excercise And Hypertension : A 10 page paper that describes the correlation between excercise and reduction in propensity for hypertension. There is a link between weight, cardio-vascular health and excercise that directly impacts hypertension, and literature and studies support the belief that weight reduction and increased cardio-vascular health through excercise can demonstrate decreases in the occurance and reoccurence of hypertension in adults. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Hyperten.wps

Cardiovascular Disease / Hypertension : This 8 page paper considers the prevalence of cardiovascular diseases in general as well as a focus particularly on the disease of hypertension and common indicators including diet and obesity. This paper also discusses the prevalence of hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases in elderly populations. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Hearth.wps

Hypertension / Women’s Risks And Coping Mechanisms : A 5 page overview of hypertension in women and various coping mechanisms which can reduce blood pressure. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Hyperte2.wps

High Blood Pressure : In 6 pages the author discusses high blood pressure, which is also known as hypertension. Discussed are treatments, medications, natural fixes, and what it can lead to, and high blood pressure ranges and stages. High blood pressure can lead to strokes and heart attacks. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Hihgbl.wps

Hodgkin's Disease : A 5 page overview of Hodgkin's Disease-- discussing its occurrence, causes, symptoms, and more. The writer is particularly concerned with new research and developments aimed at improving both the quality and length of life for Hodgkin's patients. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Hodgkin.wps

Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma : A 3 page paper discussing Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. The writer explains various degrees of the disease and its treatments. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Hodgkno.wps

Crohn’s Disease : An 10 page research paper discussing Crohn's Disease, a chronic inflammatory bowel disorder, that can manifest itself in several locations. Paper is divided into sections including: What it is, etiology, symptoms, complications, diagnosis, and treatment. Extensive bibliography is included. Crohn.wps

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases / Causes, Symptoms & Treatments : A 12 page overview of Inflammatory Bowel Disease and its two most common forms, Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s Disease. Describes symptoms, causes and treatments. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Boweld.wps

Herpes / An Overview : Symptoms, treatment and related disorders of the herpes virus are discussed in this 5 page research paper. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Herpes.wps

Lyme Disease / An Overview : A 15 page overview of Lyme Disease, its diagnosis, symptoms, method of contraction, and treatment. Includes extensive information about the ecology of ticks, the intermediate host of the bacteria which causes the disease. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Lymes.wps

Is Melatonin An Effective Treatment For Jet Lag? : 11 pages in length. Jet lag has been traced to a disruption of sleep patterns, and many who either research the effects or experience them agree that the most effective treatment centers on treating sleep disruption. The manner of treatment is controversial, however. There are proprietary sleep-inducing drugs and there is naturally-occurring melatonin. Much of the medical community disdains the use of any natural product, but all evidence points to melatonin as being the best possible treatment for jet lag. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Melaton.doc

Sleep Benefits : A 3 page research paper on the importance of sleep to the health of mind and body—and for others around you. Ideas discussed include physical and mental health, immune system, and road safety. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Sleepben.wps

Migraine Headaches / Neurological Manifestations : An 8 page paper detailing the neurological symptoms associated with migraine headaches and their believed causes. Details the methodology and results of an online literature search for sources pertinent to migraine headaches. Bibliography lists six sources. Migrain.wps

Feverfew / Keeping Ahead Of Migraine Pain : A 5 page review of the article by Steven Foster published in "Better Nutrition" October, 1996. Analyzes the literature presented in the article and compares it with the new findings presented. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Migrc.wps

A Neurological Basis for Aggression : A 7 page research paper which summarizes three scientific journal articles pertaining to neurological processes in the brain and aggression. The writer specifically addresses the role of serotonin, a neurotransmitter, and how low levels of this chemical in the brain have been linked to aggressive behavior. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Neuroagg.wps

The Physiology & Neurology Of Sleep : A 6 page overview of the cycles of sleep and its neurological and physiological components. Discusses the importance of optimizing sleep for ensuring better academic performance. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Sleepneu.wps

Pychoneuroimmunology / Psychology & The Immune System : A 12 page research paper explaining and investigating the field of psychoneuroimmunology, the study of the inter-relationships between the central nervous system and the immune system. Introduced in the 1970s as a new field of study, many advances have been made in the field in terms of the effect of psychological factors on the immune system. Research has focused on numerous diseases, including those in the autoimmune category. The field of psychoneuroimmunology is still in its infancy, however, sufficient evidence exists to indicate that there is a very definite interrelationship between and among the central nervous system, the brain, psychological factors and the immune system. This is an exciting field with the potential to offer dramatic advances in the control of certain illnesses. This research paper offers a comprehensive overview of the field. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Psycneur.wps

Head Injury Research Proposal : A 5 page proposal evaluating the financial aspects of establishing an advertising campaign aimed at reducing the risk of head injury among 16–29 year olds, along with a manner of determining a statistical test that will yield the most realistic view of any cost savings that could be realized by advertising rather than in rehabilitative medical costs. A public safety board has already made the decision to go forward with the project; this proposal concentrates on the financial aspects of the program, including at what point the government saves money in comparing advertising costs with avoided health care costs. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Headinj.wps

Nitric Oxide & Its Use In Respiratory Care : A 12 page paper outlining the use of nitric oxide in vascular and pulmonary health care functions. Particular emphasis is placed on inhaled nitric oxide therapy, its benefits and possible complications. Bibliography lists twelve sources. Nitricre.wps

Use of Hyperbaric Oxygenation : This 6 page paper provides an overview of this procedure, particularly as it concerns respiratory function. A section is devoted to CO poisoning and nonconventional uses are also noted. Dangers of use are also explored. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Hyperbar.wps

International Pharmaceutical Business & AIDS Research : A 40 page research study that provides an overview of the current business operations in terms of international mergers and acquisitions in the pharmaceutical industry and considers the imperative for continued international cooperation in research efforts. Bibliography lists 21 sources. Phdrug.wps

(The) International Conference on Global Harmonization : 23 pages in length. An in-depth look at issues arising from the conference, the implementation of its proposals, and so forth. Conference was a major event dealing with requirements and standards of drug regulatory bodies in three specific regions. The specific focus of this paper is the effect that the Conference and its subject matter will have upon the pharmaceutical industry. Bibliography lists approximately 20 comprehensive sources. Pharmcon.wps

Type II Diabetes : A 6 page paper defining Type II diabetes. The writer describes its symptoms, causes, treatments, and recent research into the problem. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Diabete2.wps

Diabetes Mellitus : Approximately 5 pages in length. A brief, and very basic overview of Diabetes Mellitus, diets, and pertinent issues. Good for those studying health, nutrition etc; No Bibliography. Diabetes.wps

Diabetes Mellitus / Overview : A 6 page paper discussing the actions and long-term implications of the diabetes. At its core, the disease is the result of either insufficient insulin production or a decreased sensitivity to that which is produced in the body. There are two broad categories of diabetes, Type I, or insulin-dependent diabetes; and Type II, non-insulin-dependent diabetes. Type I formerly was referred to as juvenile diabetes while Type II was commonly known as adult-onset diabetes, but those terms are rarely used now that it is understood that either type can strike any age. Type II is by far the most common. Newly diagnosed cases have reached epidemic proportions worldwide, with new cases in the US increasing 50% between 1980 and 1994, with long-term complications such as kidney disease, atherosclerosis and diabetes-induced blindness similarly increasing in incidence. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Diabmell.wps

Diabetes Mellitus : A 6 page paper discussing the condition of diabetes mellitus which is the most common form of diabetes. The pancreas is discussed in detail as it is this organ which produces the insulin necessary for the proper burning of fuel in the body. Symptoms of the disease, according to the two types of diabetes mellitus, are also discussed. In conclusion there is an examination of research and what the future holds for sufferers of this disease. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Mellitus.wps

Juvenile Diabetes : A 5 page paper overview of Type I diabetes mellitus, or insulin-dependent diabetes. Formerly referred to only as juvenile diabetes, it was thought in the past that children were affected with only this type of diabetes. As it has become known that anyone of any age can be afflicted with either Type I or Type II, the term "juvenile diabetes" has fallen out of favor, but its effects are the same regardless of how it is labeled aside from the particular ways it affects children: They often are larger than other children their age and many go through puberty sooner than their non-diabetic friends. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Juvdiab.wps

Insulin Synthesis Using Recombinant Plasmid DNA: A 5 page paper discussing methods of constructing this plasmid containing a gene for human insulin. As much as 5 percent of the population may be affected by diabetes, a disease of carbohydrate metabolism in which the sufferer of the disease is unable to absorb glucose from the blood. Insulin for injection has been extracted from other animals until only recently. Though bovine insulin will work for human diabetes control, the chemical differences also cause reaction in some individuals. Bacterial generation of insulin using recombinant DNA techniques has largely replaced the use of bovine insulin in cases of human diabetes. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Diabchem.wps

Physical Therapy / An Answer for Diabetes : In this 9 page research paper, the writer discusses physical therapy treatments for diabetics. The role of the physical therapist is particularly emphasized as is some of the current research on helping diabetic patients. an Bibliography lists 10 sources. Diabphys.wps

Novo Nordisk – The NovoPen : This 12 page report discusses the Novo Nordisk "NovoPen," an insulin delivery system that is extremely easy-to-use and user friendly. The report compares marketing the product in the business climate of its company’s home country Denmark and the U.S. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Novopen.wps

Problem and Research in Pressure Ulcer Prevention and Treatment : A 15 page review of the incidence and problem of pressure ulcers in the United States, with focus on the PSST and Braden assessment tools, and wound assessment teams. The paper provides only a researched statement of the problem and current literature review. Bibliography lists 20 sources. Cnpsst.wps

Pressure Sores and Physical Therapy : A 5 page paper on the relationship between pressure sore healing and physical therapy. The writer explains the causes and treatments of pressure sores-- with particular emphasis on the role that physical therapist can play in the relief of discomfort. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Physsore.wps

Massage Therapy / A Hypothetical Case Evaluation : A 5 page examination of the pain and discomfort being experienced by a fictional middle age bowler and computer programmer. Addresses the factors contributing to the pain, the responsible muscles, the bony landmarks and areas of massage concentration. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Massageb.wps

Evaluation Of Muscle Strengthening Programs : A 10 page paper that evaluates the ideal frequency, intensity, duration and mode of strength training to achieve maximum gains in muscle development. This paper looks at eight major forms of strength training and evaluates their success in promoting muscle development. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Musclest.wps

Gender Differences in Muscle Strength: Scientists, physical therapists, and physicians have considered the nature of human strength and debated the efficacy of claims that men are inherently stronger than women. This 5 page review of the current literature reflects the findings of a number of research studies that present common and sometimes conflicting views on this issue. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Gendmusc.wps

Benefits of Recreational Therapy : A 6 page research paper on various types of recreational therapies and their uses. The writer details general information about the goals of recreational therapy, along with more specific information on art therapy, and recreational therapy for the mentally disturbed and for traumatic brain injury sufferers. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Recreatn.wps

Traumatic Brain Injury And Juvenile Delinquency : A 7 page paper plus a 1 page outline investigates the correlation between traumatic brain injury and juvenile delinquency. TBI is nearly at epidemic proportions in this country and the child or adolescent who sustains such an injury must not only suffer the physical pain but then must deal with a significant behavioral change. The writer discusses the results of types of injuries and some treatments that can be used. Statistics regarding he incidence of TBI are also provided. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Braininj.wps

The Hypothalmic-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis & Alternatives To Stress Management : A 12 page paper discussing physical reactions to stress and alternative therapies available to decrease the physical disorders it causes. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Pituit.doc

Muscle Strain / Causes, Prevention & Treatment : A 10 page analysis of the causes of muscle strain, prevention and treatment. The writer presents this information by analyzing current medical literature on the subject and compares the causes, prevention methods and treatments for professional athletes vs. non-athletes. The paper includes two appendices, incorporating five tables of research results and drugs used to treat muscle strain in the U.S. and Canada. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Msclstrn.wps

Orthopedic Sports Medicine : A 16 page paper discussing the state of evolution of orthopedic sports medicine. It often carries the remnant of the skepticism of years past, when those involved just seemed not to fit anywhere. The physicians involved in orthopedic sports medicine often were looked on as M.D.s that simply couldn’t compete in the world of "real" medicine, and the lay people involved as trainers and support personnel to the performing athletes were regarded as would-be athletes with the same disabilities. But times are changing. Orthopedic sports medical practitioners are being viewed as competent as any other M.D. in any other specialty, and sound research is contributing to the overall well of knowledge regarding injury, treatment options and patient outcomes. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Sportmed.wps

Women's Basketball Injuries / Damage to The Anterior Cruciate Ligament :This 12 page, comprehensive research paper examines common basketball injuries, preventive techniques, and which groups are more likely to suffer from them. At least 80% of the discussion focuses upon women's injuries and physiological factors causing the gender to suffer more frequently from damages to the anterior cruciate ligament specifically. Numerous studies are cited. Bibliography lists more than 20 sources. Sportinj.wps

Mammography: A 5 page research paper on mammography. The writer details who should receive mammograms, its uses, and how it should be administered. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Mammom.wps

Hydatiform Mole : A 5 page overview of the reproductive disease that is a component of Gestational trophoblastic disease (GTD) and is almost always a precursor of choriocarcinoma. It is an abnormal placenta that develops into a tumor, and results either in miscarriage or death of the fetus. The tumor can be malignant, but it almost always is benign. It is a subject rarely discussed with the patient or in patient literature, yet its incidence makes it more common than some other forms of abnormalities that are well known, such as Downs’ Syndrome. Bibliography lists 9 sources. H-Mole.wps

Radiology & The Chiropractor : A 5 page research paper examining the status and future of radiology with an emphasis on chiropractics. Specific aspects reviewed include: reading today's films and the possibility of error, digitizing, and computerizing. Data regarding the rate of intra-examiner reliability of cervical x-rays and the degree of acceptable error are presented. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Radiolog.wps

The Chiropractor’s Perspective on Sleep Apnea : An 8 page paper discussing the diagnosis of sleep apnea and possible treatment through chiropractic. Sleep disorders traditionally have not been addressed by chiropractic unless they have been found to stem from a condition that prevents the sufferer from being able to be comfortable enough to get a good night’s sleep, which in itself contributes to the chiropractor’s alleviation of the common physical problems for which he is normally consulted, such as low back pain. The chiropractor’s entire focus of treatment is noninvasive physical manipulation of conditions, however, which even the mainstream medical community recognizes as the best treatment for sleep apnea in most cases. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Snoring.wps

Effects of High Heels on Women’s Backs : This 5 page research paper examines the negative impact of high-heel shoes on women’s backs and offers suggestions to alleviate such pain. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Heelback.rtf

Cerebral Palsy : A 6 page paper that provides an overview of cerebral palsy including: etiology, incidence, causes, treatment and prognosis. Emphasizes physical therapy as a treatment program. Bibliography lists 3 sources. CP.wps

Multiple Sclerosis : 10 pages on Multiple Sclerosis. The writer defines the disease, its onset, symptoms, unpredictable course, difficult clinical diagnosis, treatment, etc; FREE pie Chart included in Appendix section to illustrate the frequency of several types of MS. Bibliography lists 8+ comprehensive sources. Multipsc.wps

Multiple Sclerosis # 2 : A 5 page paper that discusses the origins of the disease, the physiological effects, treatment options and physical therapy for the symptoms of MS. This paper supports the theory that physical therapy benefits the sufferers of MS by promoting increased mobility and physical stamina. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Ms.wps

Multiple Sclerosis # 3 : A 5 page exploratory paper about this crippling disease. Topics covered include: incidnce, symptoms, etiology, prognosis, and treatment. Bibliography lists 5 sources. MS2.wps

Hyperhidrosis / Overview of Treatments : A 10 page research paper on the medical and psychological effects of persons with hyperhidrosis and current treatments for the condition. The writer focuses on surgery, a proven method of treatment, but presents up to date medicinal treatments currently studied and tested. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Hyprhidr.wps

Current Status on Acromegaly : A 6 page paper giving an overview of acromegaly, a disease caused by the over-production of growth hormone in the pituitary gland. Acromegaly affects older adults, and contributes to a shortened life expectancy. Though the same pattern of activity in children results in excessive growth and is referred to as gigantism, the observed effects of excessive growth hormone in adults are far different than those observed in children. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Acromega.wps.

Saquinavir Mesylate : An 8 page discussion of protease inhibitors and their use in the fight against HIV infections. Emphasizes Saquinavir Mesylate, a drug released in 1995 by the Food and Drug Association. Bibliography lists eight sources. Saquin.wps

The Diagnosis, Treatment, and Current Research on Chronic Bronchitis : A 7 page paper examining the indications of chronic bronchitis, its main causes, etc; The writer compares it with acute bronchitis and delineates it as a member in the COPD group. The paper also discusses the various research supporting current diagnosis techniques, current treatments, including preventative treatments, and discusses recent treatment research. Treatments for juveniles as well as adults and the elderly are explored. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Chron.wps

Pulmonary Tuberculosis : An 11 page research paper on pulmonary tuberculosis in which the writer focuses upon the disease's causes, frequency, spread, and effects. Cavities, or holes in the lungs can develop in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis when the host response to the infecting organisms unleashes its destructive potential on the host cells as well, leading to liquefaction of tissue. Specific forms of pulmonary tuberculosis such as miliary TB are discussed as well. Recommended medical treatments are detailed. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Tubercul.wps

Viral Pneumonia / Its Causes and Prevention : A 7 page overview of pneumonia and its viral forms. Includes information on the various viruses which cause pneumonia and how they spread from one person to another. Outlines appropriate treatment and control. Bibliography lists five sources. Pneumon.wps

Issues Concerning Premature Birth : 10 pages in length. The effects of preterm births are investigated in this research paper. Included are the health and medical problems, cognitive and intellectual effects, motor deficits, behavior and social problems, and school achievement. Also discussed are programs to enhance prenatal care which will decrease the numbers of preterm births. Bibliography lists more than a dozen sources.. Preterm.wps

Tourette's Syndrome : A 10 page research paper on Tourette's Syndrome. The writer examines Tourette's frequency, symptoms, associated behaviors, genetic issues, etc; It is pointed out that children with Tourette's are usually very intelligent-- and some of the social problems they endure are explained. A number of characteristics unique to Tourette's are examined. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Tourett2.wps

Deafness & Serious Hearing Impairments In Children : The problems of educating children with these problems is discussed in this 6 page paper. Main issues which surface concern decisions in mainstreaming and effects of exclusion on self-esteem. Recommendations are made for both parents and teachers. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Hear.doc

Otitis Media & Treatment In Primary Care : A 12 page paper that provides an overview of the definition, diagnosis, treatment options and issues related to otitis media in children. Bibliography lists 25 sources. Otiprim.wps

Otitis Media / Chronic Ear Inflammation in Infants : This 9 page research paper critically defines Otitis Media, an acute or chronic inflammation of the middle ear; often due to allergic disease of the middle ear or to infection with a virus or bacteria. The writer discusses causal factors, symptoms & diagnoses, frequency of occurrence, prevention, and treatment. Because the condition can cause chronic auditory impairment, it often leads to expressive language disorders-- as explained throughout the paper. Various aspects of neonatal care are essential to ensuring that infants do not develop Otitis Media. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Otitis.wps

New Treatments for Otitis Media : This 5 page report discusses the newest treatments and innovations for the treatment of otitis media (children’s ear infections). Bibliography lists 5 sources. Otitis.wps

Premature Babies / Quality of Life : A 6 page paper that explores love and God's mercy for premature babies. The writer argues that despite the costs, doctors, parents and babies enjoy love when given the chance to live. The paper supports the concept of this love through biblical quotations and other sources. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Preemie.wps

The Deaf & Hard Of Hearing As A Minority Group : An 8 page research paper exploring the deaf community. The writer argues the Deaf and Hard of Hearing should be considered a cultural minority group and offers evidence to support the premise. Different aspects of life for the Deaf are explored. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Deafmino.wps

Hearing Impaired & Aging : An 8 page research paper investigating the effects of hearing impairment and deafness as an adult. Statistics are provided regarding the percentage of the population that has a hearing loss. The writer discusses the effects hearing loss has on the daily life of individuals and offers ideas for changing the environment to better accommodate the needs of hearing impaired individuals. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Agehear.wps

Attention Deficit Disorder : 10 pages in length. The author discusses the history, definition, classification, etiology, treatment, and studies of Attention Deficit Disorder. Understanding ADD, and ADD versus LD are also topics. Bibliography lists 8 sources. ADD.wps

Attention Deficit Disorder / Treatment & Associated Difficulties : A 10 page paper that provides an overview of the current literature on ADD and considers the implications for educators. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Add3.wps

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) as a Learning Disability : A 6 page paper discussing the cognitive aspects of ADD with little emphasis on the behavioral issues connected with the disorder. While there have been documented cases of abuse of the use of the ADD label on children who were only victims of poor teaching, also documented are cases of children whose disabilities prevented them from learning as much as they could have had their problems been diagnosed and treated early enough. The manner in which children with ADD learn is very different from standard ways, but that difference does not preclude ability. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Attdef.wps

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) : A 5 page paper discussing this childhood condition. Symptoms are often that of lack of attention span, obeying commands, and a general exhibition of hyperactive behavior. Many children today suffer from this disease but still the real cause of this disorder is unknown. There is medication which provides an opportunity for the sufferers of ADD to be normal people who others enjoy being around. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Attdef2.wps

ADD & ADHD : This 12 page paper explores attention deficit disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. The differences between the two conditions are discussed as are the overuse of medication and the needless labeling of children. The writer takes the position that labeling helps teachers and parents, not the child. Labeling also leads to medication, again not always in the best interest of the child. Statistics regarding the numbers of children diagnosed as ADD/ADHD are provided as are the criteria for diagnosis. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Addadhd1.wps

ADHD : A 6 page paper plus 1 page outline providing a general overview of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. At least 5% of children ages 5 - 11 are diagnosed as ADD/ADHD. Essay includes a general introduction, symptoms, etiology and treatment. Information regarding most recent theories on neurobiological and genetic influences are also discussed. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Genadhd.wps

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder : A 5 page research paper that gives an overview of this prevalent syndrome that affects from 1 to 2% of the school-age population. The writer looks at the DMS-IV definition of this disorder as well as possible causes and the most accepted forms of treatment. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Adhd3.wps

Correlations Between Age And ADHD : This 5 page report discusses the connection between age and incidents of ATHD (Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Recent research has shown that not enough clear information has been received as related to age factors in ADHD and that, far too often, assumptions about the disorder are made based on the age of the child. Bibliography lists 6 sources. ADDage.wps

ADHD and Ritalin : An 11 page paper discussing the condition known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and the use of Ritalin in treatment. ADHD is a very common problem today, thought he cause is of yet unknown. A section describing the condition is included followed by a section discussing Ritalin, which is the most common drug used for this condition. An additional section discussing the possible problems with Ritalin is also included. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Adhd2.wps

Attention Deficit Disorder & Ritalin : A 6 page research paper examining Attention Deficit Disorder and the Use of Ritalin (Methylphenidate) in its Treatment. Bibliography lists six sources. Ritalin.wps

A.D.D. & Ritalin / Friend or Foe? : A 9 page overview of attention deficit disorder and the primary method of treatment, Ritalin. Examines the potential for misdiagnoses of attention deficit disorder and points out the downfalls of treating cases of misdiagnoses, and sometimes even true attention deficit disorder, with Ritalin. Bibliography lists eight sources. Ritalin2.wps

Ritalin as a Therapeutic Intervention for Treatment of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder : A 12 page paper discussing the effectiveness of Ritalin in the treatment of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Bibliography lists 13 sources. Rithyper.wps

Proposal For Researching The Effects of Ritalin On Children With ADHD : A 6 page proposal for research into the effects of ritalin. Ritalin has been used for more than 25 years, apparently without long-lasting effects. Some researchers claim that it does indeed have long-term effects, though they are not fully understood. This paper proposes a longitudinal survey research lasting five years in order to formulate some valid conclusions about the long-term effects of ritalin. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Ritalin3.doc

The Sociology Of Attention Deficit Disorder : A 45 page research paper that discusses and analyzes the diagnosis of ADD and ADHD. The writer argues that ADHD is a very over-diagnosed condition that relieves children and parents of taking responsibility for the children's misdeeds. Significant data from research studies is offered to support the position. Additionally, the writer discusses why over-diagnosis and over-medication is a fact of our society. Bibliography lists 31 sources. Sclgyadd.wps

Coping With ADHD : A 10 page research paper on Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) which is the mostly frequently diagnosed childhood behavior disorder. Currently, 600,000 school-age children are on medication for ADHD whose symptoms can cause trouble both academically and socially. The writer’s main focus in this paper is on how it impacts the family and the early school years. Bibliography lists 9 sources. ADHDcope.wps

Causes Of Conduct Disorder / Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder : 6 pages in length. The incidence of conduct disorder, with particular focus upon Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), has a number of potential causes behind the affliction. The etiology of these disorders can stem from genetics, cultural implications, head injuries and symptoms of HIV. This paper will delve into these four causes of conduct disorder, paying specific attention to ADHD. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Conduct.wps

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Adolescents : A 15 page paper that provides an overview of the major diagnostic, epidemiological and treatment processes for ADHD and predicators of outcomes for adolescents. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Hyperact.wps

Assessment and Diagnostic Issues / ADD, ADHD & LD : A 4 page paper that provides an overview of ADD [attention deficit disorder], ADHD [attention deficit hyperactivity disorder] with LD [learning disorder], emphasizing the assessment and diagnostic issues involved. Implications for the classroom are also discussed. Bibliography lists 6 sources. AssessADD.wps

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Analyzed : This 8 page research paper examines the neurological malady known as Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and the treatment for adults and children. Specifically discussed is whether or not medications should be used in the workplace and classroom, and possible alternatives. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Hyper.wps

Gulf War Syndrome – What Is the U.S. Going to Do About It? : A 6 page paper with sentence outline examines the Persian Gulf Syndrome and how it has affected thousands of American families. An overview of the Gulf war is presented and details of the syndrome itself – symptoms, epidemiology, treatment – are discussed as is the issues surrounding a possible return to the Gulf by U.S. troops. Bibliography lists five sources. Gulfsynd.wps

Stress & Sufferers Of Gulf War Syndrome : A 9 page paper discussing the role of stress in the cause and treatment of veterans suffering with Gulf War Syndrome. Stress is as much of a disease for humans as any other pathogen. Bibliography lists seven sources. Saddhuss.wps

The Return Of Thalidomide : A 6 page paper discussing the birth-defect causing drug thalidomide prescribed to pregnant women as a sedative and defense against nausea. Despite the terrible problems it caused in the 1950s and early 1960s, the drug is being reintroduced for use in treatment of several diseases. Bibliography lists six sources. Returnt.doc

Antidepressants—Are They Effective? : A 5 page essay that argues ‘‘yes, they are’’ by giving background information on how drugs like Prozac work. As well as giving their benefits, it also talks about some of the unexpected effects in certain individuals. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Antid.wps

Prozac -- Medicine or Poison ? : A 5 page report on Prozac in which the writer weighs opinions both for and against this particular drug. There are those who claim that the harmful effects of Prozac may ultimately be so hazardous that they destroy people emotionally-- This paper concludes, however, that so long as it is controlled and used in moderation, Prozac is a viable and worthwhile medicine. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Prozac.wps

Prozac and Breast Cancer : A 6 page paper that provides an overview of the issue of the use of prozac for women with breast cancer, and suggests that the use of this drug can result in increased progression of individual tumors. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Prozacbr.wps

Breast Cancer & Coping Strategies : A 12 page paper that provides an overview of coping strategies of people with serious illnesses and then considers these in terms of breast cancer. This paper also suggests ways in which knowledge of these coping skills impacts nursing. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Canccope.wps

Breast Cancer / A Look At Family vs. Group Therapy Options : A 75 page in-depth research paper providing an overview of the current literature concerning breast cancer treatment and mental health. The writer supports the hypothesis that a greater level of psychosocial improvement can be demonstrated by breast cancer patients who receive group therapy over those who are participate in family therapy. Bibliography lists 36 sources. Cancerb.wps

Breast Cancer Treatment / Lumpectomy vs. Mastectomy : A 10 page paper that provides an intensive overview of the existing arguments surrounding the use of lumpectomies and adjuvant therapies rather than partial or radical mastectomies for different forms of breast cancer. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Brcancer.wps

Breast Cancer : In 5 pages -- paper discusses the difference of an article on the topic of breast cancer in a magazine and two journals. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Cancerbr.wps

Breast Cancer Report : This 4 page report discusses the factors and issues involved with breast cancer. An overview of the disease, detection and diagnosis, risk factors, new treatment options, and preventive measures are briefly covered, as well as information on why young women, even teenagers should be well aware of the disease. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Cancrep.wps

Breast Cancer in African American Women : This 6 page paper considers the issue of breast cancer in African American women, the leading cause of cancer-related death in this population, and then relates the high mortality rates in African American women to socioeconomic and environmental factors. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Afbrcan.wps

Breast Cancer in African American Women / Environmental Impacts : This 5 page paper relates the issue of breast cancer and higher mortality rates among African American women to environmental conditions, including exposure to carcinogens. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Afbrcan2.wps

Breast Cancer Report : This 5 page report discusses the factors and issues involved with breast cancer. An overview of the disease, detection and diagnosis, risk factors, new treatment options, and preventive measures are briefly covered. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Canbrest.wps

BRCA1 / The Genetic Precursor to Breast and Ovarian Cancer : A 7 page overview of the gene BRCA1 and its potential links to breast and ovarian cancer. Bibliography lists 20 sources. Brstgene.wps

Ovarian Cancer : In 1995, the rate of women being diagnosed with ovarian cancer each year in the United States was 22,000 (Anonymous 1995). This form of cancer is not easily detected in the early stages, which means that by the time it is diagnosed, serious health problems have occurred. Ovarian cancer is less prevalent than breast cancer, has a higher mortality rate and is linked with the same genetically presupposed gene. It is the fourth leading cause of cancer mortality in the United States causing 14 500 deaths in 1998 (Bonn, 1999). An annual pelvic exam and possible the new testing for the gene are the most common preventative measures. This 5 page paper explores the physiological repercussions of this deadly disease. Bibliography lists 6 sources. KTovarian.wps

Pancreatic Cancer : In 5 pages the author discusses pancreatic cancer. Pancreatic cancer is a devastating disease that is little understood, and one that is difficult to detect because the symptoms mimic other diseases. It affects a large percentage of the population and is one of the leading causes of death. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Pancan.wps

Colon Cancer : A 5 page overview of the risk factors, causes and demographics of the second-most common cancer in the US. Also included is the required educational and training base required for work as a practicing gastroenterologist, the practitioner of the specialty dealing with the treatment of colon cancer, where to find the best medical schools for gastroenterology, and possibilities for reducing risk of developing the disease. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Coloncan.wps

Chemotherapy / Pros & Cons : A 10 page paper which evaluates the advantages and disadvantages of cancer patients taking chemotherapy as part of their recovery. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Pcchemo.wps

Liver Histopathology / An Overview : A 5 page overview of normal and abnormal liver function and the determinants of the latter. Emphasizes the effects of alcohol on a liver and describes the effects of cirrhosis of the liver. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Livero.wps

The Effects Of Alzheimer’s Disease On Brain Structure : A 5 page research paper on the physical changes observed in the brain cells of Alzheimer’s Disease patients. Early in the century, pathologist Louis Alzheimer first discovered and described the neurofibrillary tangles and amyloid plaques consistent with the presence of the disease. For all the research into the causes of Alzheimer’s, microscopic examination at autopsy remains the definitive diagnosis tool. The paper presents descriptions of both neurofibrillary tangles and amyloid plaques along with popular theories of their formations and possible physiological treatments. As it is though, researchers only know the two conditions are part of the disease. Whether they are caused by Alzheimer’s or Alzheimer’s causes them is still unknown. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Alzbrain.wps

Alzheimer's Disease / Genetic vs. Environmental : A 10 page paper that provides an overview of the two major arguments surrounding Alzheimer's disease and demonstrates increasing support for the genetic theory. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Alzheim.wps

Parkinson’s Disease / An Overview of Treatment Options : A 14 page overview of the various treatment methodologies for Parkinson’s disease. Emphasizes the use of the drug pramipexole and gives an overview of other treatment options such as posteroventral medial pallidotomy surgery and fetal tissue implant. Includes a one-page Roman Numeral outline. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Parkdis.wps

Parkinson's Disease # 2 : Parkinson's disease is a progressive neurological disorder that affects muscle control. This 8 page report looks at its symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment. The writer is especially concerned with the importance of dopamine deficit-- as the major cause of Parkinson's Disease. Particular attention is paid to such controversial treatments as Levodopa, Parlodel, and Permax. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Parkinso.wps

Rheumatoid Arthritis : A 6 page research essay exploring the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of this debilitating disease. Recent experiments have resulted in new treatments that show great promise in reducing the symptoms and even in putting the disease into remission. These treatments are discussed with the statistical data resulting form the studies. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Rheum.wps

Rheumatoid Arthritis / The Fight To Stop The Pain : A 5 page look at the prevalence of arthritis, its causes, symptoms, and incurability. Of particular importance to the discussion is Rheumatoid Arthritis (atrophic) -- the most crippling and deforming type. The writer examines some of the efforts being made to treat this terrible disease and concludes with recommendations based upon available research. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Rheumato.wps

The Treatment Of Arthritis In Children : This 6 page paper presents a very brief overview of some of the issues dealing with the treatment options available for children with arthritis. Bibliography lists five sources. Kidarth.wps

Shoulder Injuries & Sports Injuries / Common Injuries, Evaluation and Treatment : A 10 page paper that provides an overview of the problem of shoulder injuries in sports medicine, and evaluates current treatment options as well as prevention models. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Shoulinj.wps

Rotator Cuff Injuries : A 9 page paper discussing the causes and treatments of rotator cuff injuries as well as alternative therapies. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Rotator.doc

Rotator Cuff Injuries / Conservative Care Utilizing Exercise : A 5 page overview of conservative care for rotator cuff injuries. Emphasizes the appropriateness of carefully-designed exercise regimes. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Rotcuff.wps

Pyruvate Decarboxylase / Industrial and Medical Applications : A 10 page overview of the enzyme and its functions. Emphasizes its use in the production of ethanol and the role it plays in the production of vitamin B1. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Pyruvate.wps

The Short & Long Term Effects Of Eating Disorders : A 5 page paper that considers both short and long term effects of untreated eating disorders. This paper demonstrates both physical and psychological effects and then suggests the problems that are posed to treatment teams when these individuals finally seek help. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Eating2.wps

Eating Disorders & Residential Treatment : A 5 page paper in which the writer provides an overview of the common inpatient treatments for eating disorders, including anorexia nervosa and bulimia. This paper suggests a multi-disciplinary approach and demonstrates the increasing focus on drug treatment for these disorders. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Eating1.wps

Binge Eating Disorder : 5 pages in length. Unlike the eating disorder of bingeing and purging, where the person induces vomiting or ingests large amounts of laxatives in order to get rid of the food, bingeing is a psychological disorder that manifests itself by loss of control. Food, being the commodity of which the sufferer has lost complete control, becomes more of an enemy than an inanimate object. Rather new to the long list of established eating disorders, binge eating is said to affect millions of Americans. Persons afflicted with this disorder are not immediately recognized, because they are quite masterful at hiding their actions. The writer discusses binge eating disorder. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Bingpurg.wps

Eating Disorders / Anorexia & Bulimia : A 20 page paper discussing the conditions of anorexia and bulimia from many different aspects. Anorexia and bulimia are the most widely recognized of the eating disorders that many girls and young women experience in America today. There are many psychiatric and psychological reasons behind these problems and a large portion of this paper is devoted to a literature review which examines the many theories prevalent today. The final analysis is that these are conditions which vary considerably, and while they are essentially both mental and emotional problems, they also bring unique causes with each new case. Bibliography lists 25 sources. Anorbuli.wps

Eating Disorders / Treatment Alternatives : Anorexia, bulimia and obesity are all considered by the general public as eating disorders. It would be more appropriate to designate them as "weight disorders", as they are primarily concerned with and defined, at least in part, by the weight of the individual. Anorexia is loss of weight to the point of emaciation and, or starvation. The physical repercussions are the uppermost consideration in the treatment of Anorexia because of the nature of physical damage caused by the disorder. Bulimia is an obsession with the manipulation of factors concerned with weight gain. Obesity is when weight exceeds a certain percentage of the norm and causes health problems. This 10 page paper examines the components of these eating disorders and the treatments available. Bibliography lists 21 sources. KTnervosa.wps

Medical Patient Case : A 6 page psychiatry model case written in a format generally required of medical students and interns. Includes present illness history, mental status, etc.. Psycase1.wps

The Positive Effects of Disease – Medieval China : This 6 research page paper briefly draws on some of the information provided in McNeill’s "Plagues and People," as well as other information that illustrates that disease can have positive effects for a population. Bibliography lists four sources. Chinadis.wps

Female Orgasmic Disorder : A 12 page study that presents the current literature and considers the impacts on treatment procedures. This paper provides an overview of diagnosis, and treatment options for one female subject. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Orgasm.wps

Masturbatory Orgasmic Inadequacy : A 5 page essay that discusses Masters and Johnson's claim that this is an affliction that must be cured. The writer takes issue with the statement and points out that it is diametrically opposed to the opinions of Freud and is outside the range of most other sex therapists and educators'' opinion regarding female orgasm. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Moi.wps

Orgasmic Dysfunction / Inability to Achieve Orgasm : This 5 page addresses the situation of a 30-year old woman who has never had an orgasm. The writer discusses the phonomenon, in general, which is not as uncommon as one might think and what specific sexuality theorists might suggest to help the woman. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Orgasmd.wps

Male Sexual Dysfunctions : A 5 page essay that discusses three specific penile conditions that cause pain and an inability to engage in sexual intercourse and one condition that causes low or no sperm count. The writer describes the condition and offers the preferred treatments, if any, for each. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Maledys.wps

Ethics Of Medicine : A 20 page paper that provides an intensive overview of the necessity for ethics in medicine and considers this in light of the increasing problem of dishonesty in medicine. Bibliography lists 20 sources. Medice.wps

Scams And Quackery Through The Ages : This 8 page paper takes a look at scams and quackery in advertising through the ages in America. A focus is on pharmaceuticals but other issues are explored. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Quackery.wps

Selected Points Of The American Medical Association’s Code of Conduct : A 3 page paper examining two points of the AMA’s code of ethics. One that recently was discarded is that banning the commercial promotion of medical services by any specific doctor (i.e., advertising). Even without the restriction though, most M.D.’s still choose not to advertise. The other ethical point is that of assisted suicide and some of the reciprocating moves the AMA and Jack Kevorkian have made. Bibliography lists 3 sources. AMA.wps

The Ethics Of Prescribing Antibiotics Without A Culture : 5 pages in length. Antibiotics may be considered a cure-all when it comes to fighting infections, but doctors are prescribing their usage far too often and many times without the aid of a culture test to determine if their administration is truly necessary. The writer discusses the ethics of prescribing antibiotics without a culture, as well as how doing so is perpetuating the immunity of all bacteria strains. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Antibiot.wps

Medication Errors : This 6 page paper addresses the subject of medication errors in the organizational setting. Concrete examples are provided and several solutions are suggested. Problems at every end of the spectrum, from prescribing to administering, are included. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Mederr.wps

Equality in Health Care is Essential : This 9 page paper examines the fact that all people, regardless of socio-economic status have an equal right to quality health care. Bibliography lists seven sources. Eqhea.wps

Medical Ethics in Managed Care / Is it Possible? : Over the course of the last 3 decades, medical ethics have shifted from the responsibility of the physician to the responsibility of the managed care organization (MCO) and as a result, the lines between appropriate care and cost feasibility have blurred the view of the ethical treatment of patients. In pursuit of cost management, managed care organizations have implemented policies that some physicians suggest are not only inappropriate, but also unethical. This 45 page research study considers the nature of managed care, the issue of ethical medical treatment and considers the question of whether medical ethics can be applied within the managed care system. Bibliography lists 30 sources. Ethman.wps

The Ethics of Managed Health Care : A 12 page research paper on the nature and variety of HMOs, and physician duties in regard to disclosure. The writer details the types of HMOs, their means of funding treatment, how they impact treatment decisions, and what must be done ethically in this new climate. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Lawethic.wps

Essays / Medicine, Medical Science, & Medical Ethics : 29 pages worth of in-depth essay responses to questions concerning medical ethics, AIDS, euthanasia, the Hippocratic Oath, and more. An EXCELLENT resource for pre-med and early med students. No Bibliography. Medques.wps Send us e-mail to get more information on the specific essays before ordering.

Susan E. Lederer’s "Subjected to Science" / Reviewed : A 5 page paper examining the ethical questions posed by the controversial medical experimentation from 1890 to 1940 as chronicled in Subjected to Science: Human Experimentation in America Before the Second World War (1995) by Susan Lederer. Specifically considered is the evolving assertion it is more ethically acceptable to use animals as laboratory subjects than human beings. Biography lists 2 sources. Subsci.wps

Catholic Hospitals / Issues In Medical Ethics : An 8 page paper that discusses the major ethical and moral dilemmas that are faced by many Catholic hospitals. By presenting information in regards to the Catholic hospitals positions on abortion and euthanasia and relating their process to major moral theories, it is possible to understand the complexity of issues within these structures. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Cathomed.wps

Euthanasia / The Right to Die : An 18 page comprehensive look at Euthanasia (right to assisted suicides for the ill) and its various arguments. Writer concludes that it should be outlawed and provides numerous reasons based upon facts and research cited. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Euthasia.wps

Euthanasia and the Legal Right to Die #2 : 6 pages in length. Case examples provided. Writer remains objective for the most part-- providing an overview of the subject. Bibliography lists 10+ sources. Euthana2.wps

Legal Perspective On Euthanasia / Analsis : This 10 page research paper explores the legal implications of euthanasia. Specifically discussed are the historical aspects of the term, constitutional considerations, general consensus and future outlook regarding the practice of euthanasia. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Legaldie.wps

Euthanasia / Viewpoints : In 8 pages the author discusses and explores the issue of euthanasia. Various viewpoints of family members, physicians, and legislative decisions are given. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Euthan9.wps

Euthanasia & Assisted Suicide / Right or Wrong? : A 7 page examination of the history and issues surrounding euthanasia and physician assisted suicide. Discussion of the differences in passive and active euthanasia. Defines futility and outlines how it is determined. Bibliography includes six sources. Assisuic.wps

Euthanasia / An Argument In Favor Of ... : A 10 page paper arguing that competent terminally ill patients have a right to ask for humane aid in dying. The paper discusses the issues surrounding opposition arguments, including legal, medical, economic, moral, and religious, and presents strong arguments against these opposing arguments. Highlights include discussion of the recent Supreme Court case and recommended solution to Jack Kevorkian's brand of assisted suicide. The paper concludes that the U.S. Constitution guarantees an individual's right to act in his or her best interest, and interference with this fundamental American right by any entity should not be allowed. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Euasia.wps

Euthanasia / Right To Die : In 8 pages, the writer argues against the right to die. Many aspects of the topic are covered. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Right2di.wps

Euthanasia & Physician Assisted Suicide / The Role Of Dr. Jack Kevorkian : A 12 page paper defining euthenasia and physician assisted suicide. Provides a history of the issues and incudes an examination of the legal, ethical, religous, and medical facets. Relates the specifics of court cases revolving around Karen Ann Quinlin and Dr. Jack Kevorkian and provides a brief biographical outline of Dr. Kevorkian. Bibliography lists twelve sources. Kevork.wps

Euthanasia - Theological Perspective : A 5 page paper arguing that euthanasia is akin to murder. The writer concentrates on a Catholic/Christian perspective, but also explores the Jewish and Muslim view on euthanasia. Quotes from the Bible and the Koran are included, as well as discussion on Torah points. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Eutheo.wps

Euthanasia / The Right to Die : This 7 page paper examines the practice of euthanasia, or the right to die, its pros and cons within both the medical and religious communities in America and the world. Rightd2.wps

Euthanasia / Issues for Nursing : A 9 page research paper that considers the medical, personal and legal issues of euthanasia as they relate to nursing. Other topics discussed include voluntary vs. murder, moral and ethical issues, and religious and legal conflicts. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Ethnurs.doc

Euthanasia / Nursing and Ethical Issues Concerning Assisted Suicide : A 5 page essay exploring a nurse's experience with patients requesting assisted suicide. The writer describes the experience from a firsthand perspective and then presents the position held by the American Nursing Association on this controversial issue. The ANA is opposed to assisted suicide but the writer reports feeling a strong desire to help one particular patient in their quest to end suffering and die-- This ethical dilemma is discussed in great detail. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Nurseuth.wps

Research Proposal for Life Satisfaction Measurement : A 5 page paper presenting a proposal for a research project investigating life satisfaction as a function of race, gender and religion. The proposed research is a study conducted using new data collected from an old survey instrument, the Quality of American Life survey used in 1971 and replicated in 1978. The purpose of using the established questionnaire is to more reliably measure true changes in society and attitude rather than in survey question writing. Bibliography lists 6 sources. LifeSat.wps

Nursing / Ethical Issues Concerning The Withholding Of Treatment : A 4 page paper on a nurse's experiences withdrawing nutrition and hydration from terminally ill patients. The writer details her experiences with such patients and the ethical and emotional issues involved. Ethical arguments are made. Bibliography lists 2 sources from nursing journals. Nurseth.wps

Euthanasia / A Kantian Perspective : In this 4 page paper, the writer outlines philosophical perspectives on euthanasia as they would most likely be presented by Kant. The writer then advocates euthanasia in this same light. Bibliography lists 3 references. Kanteuth.wps

Ethics & Social Philosophy / Application of Ethical and Social-Political Theories and the Issue of Assisted Suicide : A 6 page paper that considers the issue of assisted suicide and applies ethical and social-political theories to this controversial issue. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Ethpol.wps

Kevorkian / The Real Danger : A 6 page essay arguing against assisted suicide as practiced by Dr. Jack Kevorkian. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Kevorkian.wps

The Supreme Court And Doctor-Assisted Suicide : 5 pages in length. Within the past year, the Supreme Court has had to grapple with many controversial issues and decide accordingly the best way to appease both the law and the public. Its current decision about whether to include doctor-assisted suicide within the boundaries of the law was monumental and unprecedented. The writer offers an opinionated paper discussing the widely awaited decision allowing individual states to conclude for themselves whether to permit doctor-assisted suicides. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Dasuicide.wps

Physician Assisted Suicide : A 5 page paper that supports the actions of doctors like Jack Kevorkian who have provided compassionate chemical euthanasia to terminally ill patients. This paper considers the actions of Kevorkian as they relate to medical ethics and personal moral issues. Though the issue is controversial, it is clear that there is a need for compassion in medicine that few like Kevorkian are willing to provide. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Physsuic.wps euthanasia

"Death On Demand" / Demand Is A Powerful Word : A 5 page paper on the book, "Death on Demand" by Dale Hill. The subject matter is discussed as powerful and emotional. The pain of those faced with such a decision is considered. The impact of this book is described as being very poignaint and real. No additional sources cited. Demand2.wps

Human Medicine – Ethics, Suffering, & Faith : This 5 page reflective essay examines the greatest issue of all in health . . . death. How and when is medical intervention justified? What does a faithful person believe? Bibliography lists 4 sources. Humanmed.pws

Ethical Issues In The Book "How Do We Die ?" : A 4 page essay on the ethical issues in the book How Do We Die. The writer details subjects covered in the book and the author's general theory that since death is inevitable, it should be treated with dignity and compassion. No additional sources cited. Howwedie.wps

Robin Cook’s "Outbreak" / A Viable Hyposthesis ? : A 5 page research paper investigating the messages in Robin Cook's "Outbreak" in terms of reality. Does the government cover up events? Evidence is offered that it indeed covers up lots thus, Cook's book, while a fictional account, is closer to reality than we might want to think. Several supporting/critical sources cited in bibliography. Outbrea.wps

The Hot Zone : A 5 page paper on Richard Preston’s terrifying book about the Ebola virus. The paper concludes that Preston’s actual agenda in writing this book is summed up in the last chapter: that the earth has come to regard humans as a parasite, and is using viral disease to exterminate us. No sources. Hotzone.wps

Eugenics and Disability -- Will History Repeat Itself ? : An 8 page paper on the controversy surrounding the genetic implications of the Human Genome Project. It discusses whether the ability to identify disabling conditions from DNA will ultimately hurt the disabled community by ushering in a new era of eugenics. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Eugenic.wps

Medical Marijuana : The thesis of this 10 page paper is that there is a medical necessity for the legal use of marijuana. There is significant evidence that supports the benefits of THC, a chemical found in marijuana, is beneficial for sufferers of cancer, AIDS and glaucoma. Though THC is available in tablet form, many seriously ill patients cannot take the oral medication, and many complain that the pill is ineffective. If the use of marijuana can significantly reduce the suffering of severely ill individuals, it is a civic and political necessity to promote legal use. Mednecc.wps

Medical Marijuana # 2 : A 22 page paper that considers the opposing perspectives on the use of marijuana for medical purposes. This paper provides both pros and cons and than provides support for the legal use of marijuana for the treatment of symptoms of serious illnesses. Bibliography with 10 sources cited. Medimari.wps

Ethical Issues Concerning Medical Use of Marijuana : A 6 page research paper on whether it is ethical for physicians to prescribe marijuana for medical purposes in extreme cases. The writer details both sides of the controversy, the evidence in support of not prescribing it, and the ethical considerations which are pertinent--ultimately arguing in favor of one side. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Medmarij.wps

Legalization of Marijuana / Weighing Both Sides : Both sides of the issue are explored in this 7 page paper. The writer discusses health & social aspects of the controversy - citing the risks associated with legalizing marijuana as well as the possible advantages to doing so. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Mrijuan.wps

Plant Pharmacopoeia / Rainforest Depletion & Its Impact On Medicine : A 6 page paper in which the writer discusses deforestation as a threat to medicinal plants and the protective measures employed by various groups; and a discussion of eleven (recently discovered) plants and/or their medical derivitives, including taxol. The paper postulates that protecting these medicinal plants is imperative through ethics, and even the passage of more laws. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Pharmaco.wps

Medical Technology & Ethical Dilemma : Mostly an 11 page analytical book review of Richard Zaner's "Troubled Voices." -- The writer cites a number of additional sources to evaluate Zaner's contention that advances in medical technologies have raised many ethical and moral questions. By presenting a number of stories describing the ethical dilemmas of patients and their participating care providers, Zaner supports the concept that medical technologies have caused great moral dilemmas that never would have been considered in the absence of such advances. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Zaner.wps

Reproductive Technology / Parenthood or Propriety? : A 5 page paper outlining the major ethical issues dealing with reproductive technology and modern medicine. Some of the technologies discussed include in vitro fertilization, surrogate motherhood, etc;. The writer takes the view of the protagonist: these medical breakthroughs should be used by those people unable to have children naturally. 4 sources listed in Bibliography. Invitro.wps

The Ethics Of Artificially Provided Nutrition : A 12 page paper that provides an overview of the issues related to artificially provided nutrition and hydration as they relate to the rights of patients and their families. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Artnut.wps

People As Guinea Pigs / Medical Ethics & The Tuskegee Case : The Tuskegee Study was a 40-year project in which scientists observed - but did not adequately treat -syphilis among 412 black men in rural Alabama. By the time the study had concluded, it was found that the disease had killed at least 28 of its subjects. Essentially, Tuskegee exploited the lesser intelligent and silently forced them to participate in a study that would only hurt them. In this 2 page essay, the writer examines rules of consent and medical ethics to presents methods designed to prevent such an occurrence from ever happening again. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Tuskege.wps

The Ethics of Putting a Price on Life : A 4 page essay on business practices regarding unsafe products, and the particular case of death from Toxic Shock Syndrome. The writer details how businesses decide to let or keep unsafe products on the market, the effect of lawsuits on such decisions, and the actions of government agencies in preventing such deaths. No bibliography. Pricelif.wps

The Monetary Value Of Human Life : 12 pages in length. In today's modern society, four markets currently exist in which human components are exchanged for economic compensation : human blood, human organs, surrogate motherhood, and human reproductive cells. All of these, in essence, essentially place a monetary value upon our human lives. In this well-researched paper, the writer examines a number of ethical issues concerning "marketplaces" for human parts. Various examples and relevant case studies are presented. Bibliography lists 25+ sources. Valulife.wps

Affirmative Action In Health Care Settings : This 15 page research paper reports data regarding affirmative action in medical schools and in the delivery of health services. Specific arguments for and against affirmative action admissions policies are discussed. Court cases charging bias against nonminorities are included as are recent legislation and legislative proposals to ban affirmative action policies in university medical school admissions. Bibliography lists 20 references. Affmedi.wps

Prisoners as Organ Donors : This is a 5 page paper that proposes that a law be enacted whereby organ donation is mandated in the case of execution or death by any means while incarcerated, with or without prior consent. Once sentenced, a prisoner is relieved of their right to informed consent and may be informed of the consequences. The issues of need for organ donation, ethical questions inherent in the process and terms of consent are examined. The definition of disenfranchisement is discussed briefly. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Prisdon.wps

A Proposal for Objectively Evaluating "Fortitude" : A 9 page proposal to examine written hospital complaints which have been lodged by a patient’s family member in order to ascertain the concept of fortitude. Includes a detailed sample letter and defines fortitude and gives modern interpretations of it based on the popular literature. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Fortitud.wps

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Disease Treatment & Epidemiology

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Disease Treatment & Epidemiology

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Disease Treatment & Epidemiology

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Disease Treatment & Epidemiology

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Disease Treatment & Epidemiology

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Disease Treatment & Epidemiology

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Disease Treatment & Epidemiology

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