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The History of Homosexuality : A 5 page paper that provides a very selective look at essays presented in Duberman's (et al, Eds.) work Hidden from History: Reclaiming the Gay and Lesbian Past. This work demonstrates issues in Ancient Greece, 17th century Japan, 18th century England and 20the century America. No additional sources cited. Gayhist.wps

Prejudice, Sexism & Homophobia : An 8 page paper that provides an overview of a number of articles on these three fundamentally connected issues, and then determines the impact of different perspectives on these issues. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Sexhom.wps

Homophobia in Society Analyzed : This 8 page research paper examines the continued (and socially-acceptable) practice of homophobia. Specifically considered are lack of homosexual tolerance exhibited by the religious community, in the military in the workplace, in the classroom, in the entertainment industry, and in professional sports, and attempts to draw conclusions why blatant homophobia continues to be accepted. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Homosoc.wps

Homosexuality, Theology, & The Church In The Twentieth Century : A 7 page paper on the issues surrounding the gay community’s search for an arena where it can express both its spirituality and its sexuality. The paper provides historical background on homophobia within the Judeo-Christian tradition and traces some of the developments and contributions of ‘gay theology today.’ Bibliography lists 7 sources. Gaytheo.wps

Adolescent Homosexuality : 5 page research paper on adolescent homosexuality. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Adolhomo.wps

Bisexuality / The Social and Psychological Aspects : A 9 page paper outlining bisexuality. Provides a definition of bisexuality and both a historical and contemporary overview of the phenomena. Discusses studies which point to homosexulity and bisexuality as being a normal and acceptable part of human behavior from a biological and historic standpoint. Bibliography lists seven sources. Bisex.wps

Transsexuality / Considerations In The Workplace : A 10 page overview of transsexuality and the issues which often arise in terms of societal perceptions. Includes an emphasis on the employer’s obligation to provide a safe, secure, and comfortable working environment for both the transsexual and the non-transsexual. Gives an overview of the legalities concerning the societal rights of transsexuals. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Transx.wps

Freud / Infantilism, Homosexuality, & Bisexuality : This 10 page essay discusses specific thoughts of Freud, such as how one comes to be stuck in an infantile mind set, and the essays/books in which they appeared. Two of the works mentioned are Civilization and its Discontents and Freud's account of Dora. The essay also mentions Freud's thoughts on happiness, homosexuality and bisexuality, on which he had lifelong strong convictions. Despite his detractors, Freud opened the world's eyes to aspects of human development theretofore unknown. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Infreud.wps

Freud & Development : A 5 page discussion of Freud's five stages of psychosexual development. One table is included outlining the phases and ages for each. Discussion also includes recent controversy about the existence of the Oedipal complex. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Freudev.wps

Ego Development In Mentally Retarded Child : This 11 page paper investigates ego development in a fictitious young girl. First, a scenario describing the girl is offered, then Freud's theories are applied to the child's present and future ego development. Freud's psychosexual stages are also discussed to demonstrate where the child is at present and how they relate to ego development Bibliography lists 6 sources. Egomr.wps

Sources Of Hostility For Same Sex Couples ("Gay Marriages") : A 10 page research paper that examines the sources behind homophobia and the hostility that society demonstrates toward same-sex couples. As evidence of this, the writer specifically looks at a ruling in Hawaii that permitted homosexual marriage and the reaction that this caused with religious leaders across the country. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Hostsame.wps

Gay & Lesbian Families : A 25 page research paper that considers the issues relative to gay and lesbian families and correlates the current literature to research findings with gay and lesbian couples to demonstrate the issues of marriage and family. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Gayfam.wps

Gay Marriages : A thorough 9 page discussion of the social, political, and economic implications of gay marriages in today's society. The writer concludes that NO viable argument exists to justify the denial of marriage rights to homosexuals. Bibliography lists 10+ sources. Garmarri.wps

Gay Marriages # 2 : The case for homosexual marriage is made in this four page argument. Positions on both sides of the controversy are explored. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Gaym.wps

Same-Sex Marriages : 15 pages in length. Morality is a grand issue on which lives are built and destroyed. Veering off course into immoral territory is just where marriages are headed when the wedded couple is of the same sex. Religion is opposed of such acceptance; the general public, for the most part, believes it to be a sinful lifestyle, yet there continues to be a crusade to incorporate the activities of gay and lesbian couples into mainstream society. The writer addresses various issues surrounding same-sex marriages, as well as takes the stand that they are not in the best interest of anyone involved in that reality. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Samesex.wps

Gays in the Military & Controversy : A 7 page analysis of the pros and cons associated with the controversy surrounding laws which attempt to ban homosexuals from entry in the U.S. armed forces. The writer feels that these laws are, for the most part, ridiculous as they put the real purpose of the military (to protect our country), second behind superficial social ones. While both sides of the issues are examined, the argument leans in favor of an open policy, particularly when considering the fact that we may some day need to return to a draft or compulsory enlistment. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Gaysmili.wps

Comments On "The Case for a Military Gay Ban" by David H. Hackworth : A 6 page paper discussing the 1992 Washington Post article by David H. Hackworth on "The Case for a Military Gay Ban." Hackworth notes a variety of experience-based reasons for hhis opposition to gays in the military. Bibliography lists two sources. Gayshh.wps

Gay Adoption / A Controversial Issue : This 20 page research paper explores the social impact, legal issues, and controversies surrounding the issue of gays adopting children. Both conservatives and activists offer evidence to support their positions in terms of the effect gay parenting has on children. Legal issues are being fought in most states, a battle renewed as a result of a recent ruling by a judge in New Jersey. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Gayadopt.wps

Gay/Lesbian Parenting--- The Adoption Issue : A 6 page paper concerning the controversial issue of same sex couples and adoption. The issues discussed are the "morality" of being a gay parent, stands taken for and against the issue, etc-- the writer is in favor of adoption rights for gay couples. Counter-arguments are presented and then attacked--asserting that just because homosexuals are not biologically able to produce children does not been they should be barred from adopting them. After all, not every heterosexual couple produces their own children either. Moreover, gay parenting helps solve the single-parenting issue as well. Numerous other strong points concerning gay adoption are made. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Gaypar.wps

Should Gays Be Allowed To Adopt Children ? : A 10 page research paper exploring the question: should gays be allowed to adopt children? Both sides of the "gay adoption" controversy are presented with an analysis of the arguments offered. Finally, the writer takes and defends a position in favor of gay adpotion rights. Bibliography includes 11 references. Gadop.wps

New Republic’ Article Review / Rauch’s "For Better Or Worse" : A 5 page paper that provides an overview of premises in a New Republic article suggesting the Christian arguments against Rauch's perspective. Rauch essentially provides arguments in regards to marriage and the efficacy of both homosexual and heterosexual unions. Bibliography lists no additional sources. Better.wps

Gay Adoption / An Overview : An 8 page research paper in which the writer looks at both sides of the gay adoption controversy -- examining a number of relevant case examples, laws, and policies in different states & regions. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Adogay.wps

Is Homosexuality in the Genes ? : A 12 page paper in which the writer explores homosexuality from a biopyschosocial perspective. Explored are the definitive roots of homosexuality, changing psychiatric opinions over time, and most importantly,-- recent breakthroughs which suggest that people's sexuality may be the result of their genetic predisposition. Numerous examples and statistical data are provided. Bibliography lists 8+ sources. Homogene.wps

Homosexuality Is NOT Genetic / Argument : A 6 page argumentative paper supporting the theory that recent genetic findings cannot displace years of documented support for the behavioral determinants of sexual identification. The writer contends that the many discrepancies in the findings of Hamer and his colleagues leads scientists, sociologists and psychologists to continue to support the concept that homosexuality is determined through behavioral choices, not through genes. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Homosexu.wps

Lesbians in the Workplace : This 5 page paper discusses the diversity issue of lesbians in the workplace. The writer presents an overview of acceptance, discrimination, and other issues confronting lesbians at work. The writer also briefly discusses the benefits in general of workplace diversity. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Leswork.wps

Lesbian Scientists In Modern Society : A 12 page paper that provides an overview of the issues related to being a lesbian scientist in the current day. This paper outlines the constructs that have determined the need for anti-discriminatory policies based on sexual orientation and also consider the role that science has played within the equity debate. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Lesbsci.wps

Treating Gay & Lesbian Patients In Therapy : A thorough discussion on therapy for the gay and lesbian patients is explored in this 12 page paper. The subject of choosing a homosexual vs. heterosexual therapist is addressed. Specific guidelines useful to therapists treating patients with sexual identity issues are provided. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Gaylest.wps

"The Birdcage" As A Study in Gender Issues : A 25 page research paper on the movie the Birdcage and its view of homosexual males and their gender roles in cinema and real life. The writer details the basic plot, each of the characters, and how they mesh with real life issues. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Birdcage.wps

Censorship Of Children's Literature / Banning Books Written By Homosexuals :
A 5 page research paper discussing the issue of censorship of children's and young adult's literature. Emphasis is on material written by and about gays and lesbians. Specific examples of books censored and banned are given as well as statements by some of the writers of books for young adults dealing with homosexuality. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Censchil.wps

Homosexuality, Theology, & The Church In The Twentieth Century : A 7 page paper on the issues surrounding the gay community’s search for an arena where it can express both its spirituality and its sexuality. The paper provides historical background on homophobia within the Judeo-Christian tradition and traces some of the developments and contributions of ‘gay theology today.’ Bibliography lists 7 sources. Gaytheo.wps

Social Anthropology : Observations of Homosexuals : A 3 page essay in which the writer reflects upon a one-time experiment-- purposefully observing the style, dress, mannerism, and subculture of homosexuals in New York City's Greenwich Village. Reported on is simply what was seen and observed.. The writer concludes that we cannot make assumptions about people based upon their sexuality and that homosexuals are "people before they are anything else." No Bibliography. Homoobs.wps

Book Review / Being "Homosexual" : This well-known Richard Isay book is reviewed and critiqued in a 4 page essay. Isay offers information based on his 20 years of work as a psychologist and covers topics important for the adolescent who believes he may be gay as well as the man living a homosexual life. This writer questions one of his basic tenets, but overall believes this is a worthwhile book. Beinggay.wps

Book Review / "New Joy Of Gay Sex" : A 4 page review and critique of The New Joy of Gay Sex including a discussion of topics covered and warnings given regarding AIDS. Touted as a guide for adolescents the reviewer questions the motives of the authors. Newjoy.wps

Sexual Orientation & Humanitarian Rights : A 12 page paper that considers a comparison between humanitarian and human rights regarding sexual orientation, and evaluates the application of the UN charter in this area of concern in different regions of the world. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Sexualor.wps

Sexual Orientation : This is an 8 page paper that explores sexual orientation by defining homosexuality and bisexuality in terms of sexual attraction and self identification. It looks at the stereotypes most often represented in American society and how persons of these persuasions are portrayed through television characterizations. The bibliography lists 11 sources. Sexor.wps

Bruce Bawer’s "A Place at the Table" : A 5 page paper discussing the book by Bruce Bawer of the same name. This book offers new insight into the "gay" man as Bawer is an incredibly "normal" man aside from his homosexual nature. His book requests, rather than pleads in regards to acceptance for homosexuals. Bawer is a conservative and a Christian as well and offers the reader tremendously insightful illustrations of the stigma and stereo-types that haunt the homosexuals of today. Bawer.wps

The Works of Adrienne Rich : An 8 page paper describing Rich's influence on contemporary culture and poetry. The writer details Rich's views on patriarchy and how it reflects upon her lesbianism. Bibliography cites 10 sources. Adrich.wps

Federico Garcia Lorca / His Poetry & Homosexual Themes : A 7 page paper discussing the works of this twentieth century Spanish poet. The writer gives a short description of his life, then discusses two of his poems in depth, showing how they expressed his homosexuality in new and startling ways. Poems are included at end of paper. Bibliography included. Lorca2.wps

AIDS : In 6 pages the author discusses the social impact, the medical impact, and the financial impact of AIDS. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Aidsimp.wps

Philadelphia -- The Movie : A 4 page reaction to the 1990's-era film "Philadelphia" starring Tom Hanks. The movie dealt with an AIDS-victim's socio-legal struggles in suing the law firm for which he worked under the assumption that they wrongly fired him just because of his fatal and socially-unaccepted disease. The writer reacts to the performance of various characters, examples of stereotyping, points being made, and the overall emotional effectiveness of the film. No Bibliography. Philmovi.wps

Society's Alienation of the AIDS Victim : A 10 page paper dealing with society's treatment of AIDS victims. Discusses the negativity surrounding this issue as well as positive programs such as summer camps for youths with HIV/AIDS. Other subtopics explored are the "handling" of children whose parents are dying from this dreaded disease. Aidssoci.wps

Treatment Of AIDS In American Society : This 7 page paper looks at the disease from a social perspective. The main focus is on exactly what the government and advocates are doing on behalf of AIDS and HIV infected victims. Subjects addressed are education, research, new drugs, treatment and funding. Statistics are included throughout. Bibliography included. Aidsinam.wps

AIDS and Suicide : A 12 page paper analyzing the social, cultural, and ethical issues relating to suicide among AIDS patients, as well as the populations at highest risk for developing the disease. It concludes that AIDS is now treatable, and an equal amount of attention in the form of counseling at both the high-risk and infected levels is the best solution to the depression engendered by the disease. Bibliography lists 5+ sources. Aidssui.wps

(The) Spread of A.I.D.S. in Society :5 analytical pages that present a comparative review of four articles that discuss groups (i.e. women, homosexuals etc;) associated with the spread of AIDS from a sociological perspective. Four articles are cited in bibliography. Aidsarti.wps

Mandatory Testing for HIV - AIDS / Unacceptable : A 6 page paper describing the consequences of such a proposal. Social, health, and government issues are described. Also, some attention is put on testing for newborn babies. The thesis is that mandatory testing would only bring more problems and not solve the ones already in existence. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Mandtest.wps

AIDS In The Workplace : A 10 page paper that explore the issues surrounding employe concerns (fears and misconceptions) and how this has made it incumbant upon employers to train employees in discrimination laws and AIDS awareness generally. The paper provides training examples and techniques, economic facts to employers, and other resources available to employers. Bibliography lists 9 sources. WorkAIDS.doc

AIDS Discrimination in the Workplace : A 9 page look at AIDS discrimination in the workplace and specific issues faced by administrators. It is argued that managers must make extremely difficult decisions as the law does not allow them to discriminate but their healthy employees and customers often want them to do so anyway. The ADA, ERISA Law, and other regulations & provisions are mentioned throughout the report as are psycho-social and empathetic considerations that the good manager must make. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Aidsdisc.wps

AIDS Policy and Health Care : A 7 page paper that provides an overview of the issues related to determining policies regarding HIV and AIDS status, and looks at the impacts on policies relating to attaining health care coverage. bibliography lists 6 sources. Aidspoli.wps

Socialized Medicine & AIDS : In this 5 page paper the author discusses whether the government and general public should be financially responsible for the health status of those with AIDS? That is the debate surrounding the concept of socialized medicine to help AIDS patients obtain the cost-prohibitive drugs they need to live. The writer looks at the debate from the conservative angle, arguing that people who make poor decisions that ultimately affect their health and welfare should be solely responsible for the consequences. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Aidsmed.wps

AIDS as an Epidemic :12 pages discussing AIDS evolutionary epidemiolgy; Report covers how the disease first appeared in Homosexual men living in San Francisco & New York, and has gradually spread into other populations. Report contains one chart and bibliography listing 12 sources. Aidsepid.wps

AIDS & Public Health : 6 pages in length. Despite studies that report AIDS-related deaths are on the decline, there has been -- and will continue to be -- a tremendous burden upon the general public with regard to general health issues and all associated with it. A disease so wicked that its consequences even affect those who are not afflicted with it, AIDS has placed a huge price tag on society that influences the health status and care of every single person, regardless of their age, gender or social status. The writer addresses the effects of AIDS on public health, as well as discusses how the gay population feels about mandatory testing. Bibliography lists 5 sources. AIDSpub.wps

AIDS & AIDS-Related Complexes / Implications for EMS: A 4 page paper that provides an overview of the risk of transmission, signs and symptoms, testing, ethical and moral issues surrounding AIDS and AIDS related complexes and considers their impact on emergency medicine. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Emsaids.wps

Boccaccio's Depiction of The Plague vs. Today's Treatment of AIDS Victims : A 4 page comparison between the social problem described in the opening of Boccaccio's "Decameron" and the present-day AIDS dilemma. The writer describes how individuals affected with the Black Plague were treated very much like contemporary AIDS victims in terms of their alienation from society. AIDS is also regarded as being a somewhat different epidemic as it mostly affects only certain high-risk groups whereas the Plague could strike anyone, anywhere, at any time -- and no one knew why. No Bibliography. Plagauds.wps

AIDS and the Homosexual Population : A 6 page paper discussing the frequency of AIDS within a specific high-risk group : homosexual males. Paper contains statistics and one graph. Some of the paper's sections include : data analysis, conclusions, and recommendations. Bibliography contains five sources. Aidshom2.wps

AIDS and the Homosexual Population # 2 : Although its general subject is somewhat identical to 'aidshom2.wps,' this 8 page paper explores homosexuality itself and discusses why it is so difficult to teach behaviors that will prevent AIDS among this high-risk group. Paper makes clear the necessity for empathy regarding homosexuality and the AIDS "plague." Aidshomo.wps

AIDS & The Green Monkey : 6 pages in length. "A Presentation of Fact Demonstrating the Validity of the Theory that AIDS Originated from (Green) Monkeys." Discusses and agrees with pertinent theories---Very detailed. Bibliography lists 5+ sources. Greenmky.wps

Improvement in AIDS Research and Treatment : A 4 page research paper on new trends in treatment of AIDS. The writer details the scope of the death rate, the emotional effect, and new drug and genetic treatments. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Aidstrea.wps

HIV --Transmission, Prevention, Management, Ethics, & Attitudes : This 12 page paper reviews fundamental information about human immuno-deficiency virus (HIV) and education and treatment topics. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Hivhard.wps

H.I.V. Does Not Cause A.I.D.S. : A 23 page research project offering factual and statistical evidence that HIV does not necessarily cause AIDS as the media would like us to believe. Paper explores the evolution of AIDS research within the medial community and the need to use HIV as a pertinent scapegoat. In detail, the writer explains both HIV and AIDS and their disparities. Well-researched and highly-documented, the report's bibliography contains 20 relevant sources. Aidshiv.wps

AIDS / An Emergency Medical Perspective : A 6 page overview of AIDS, its causes and treatments. Emphasizes the risks to health care workers are minimal and that although emergency health care workers run a substantial risks of encountering patients with the disease, they have a legal, moral, and ethical responsibility to treat patients whether or not they may have a contagious disease. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Aidsems.wps

AIDS Facts / Possible & Probable Impact On EMTs : A 4 page paper describing AIDS, the symptoms associated with the disease, and how it can affect the emergency medical teams. Bibliography included. AIDS3.wps

Children With HIV/AIDS : An 8 page paper on Children with AIDS. The writer discusses the pscyho-social impact the disease has on them and offers suggestions for helping to cope. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Aidschil.wps

Should Kids With AIDS Be Allowed To Attend Public Schools? : 6 pages in length. In 1985, people in parts of the country were approaching hysteria at the thought of children with AIDS attending the same public schools with their own children. Today, we know better than to think that the disease can spread through casual contact. Many school systems have put into place AIDS awareness and prevention programs to which the AIDS-infected student can be a valuable asset, and the affected children themselves need the security and acceptance of routine and friendship. The paper concludes that kids with AIDS certainly should be allowed in the public schools, that their presence can benefit all. Bibliography lists 17 sources. AIDS-kid.RTF

Computers and Young People with HIV : This 5 page report discusses the uses, applications, and problems associated with HIV-infected youth and computer technology. While a number of valuable interactive and multimedia education programs have been developed for children, teens, and young adults, there are few programs designed for monitoring and assessment. As recognition has grown that such differences not only exist but are of vital importance in providing optimum care of HIV-infected young people, both the public health and medical technology communities have begun to expand their efforts in developing youth specific-programs and tools. Considering the fact that the virus is increasingly becoming a disease of the young, such efforts must be considered to be of the utmost importance. Bibliography lists 3 sources. AIDS-pc.wps

HIV & Youth : In 10 pages the author discusses HIV and youth. In the 1990s AIDS/HIV is a very real and very frightening disease. It does not discriminate; affecting all people from all walks of life, all races, nationalities, sexes, and ages. The prevalence of HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) has been shown to have a considerable effect on the youth population, according to the preponderance of the evidence. This plague knows no limitations. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Hivyouth.wps

Pediatric AIDS : A 17 page paper on the diagnosis, treatment and other factors surrounding pediatric AIDS. Bibliography lists 25 sources. Pedaids2.wps

HIV, Vitamin A & The Womb : 2 pages in length. Briefly explores the role of vitamin A deficiency in facilitating the spread of HIV from mothers to unborn babies. Bibliography lists three sources. Aidsbab2.wps

Infants and AIDS : A 2 page paper that briefly discuses the transmission of HIV/AIDS from mother's to the womb. Also mentions treatment possibilities. Bibliography lists three sources. Aidsbaby.wps

AIDS and Infants : A 5 page research paper which examines the problem of HIV infected infants. The writer discusses what is believed regarding transmission as well as the course the disease usually takes in infants and young children. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Aidsinf.wps

Argument - Mandatory HIV Testing for Pregnant Mothers: 7 pages in length. The author argues in support of mandatory HIV testing for pregnant mothers, not only for the woman's health, but also for the health of the child. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Mandhiv.wps

Promoting AIDS Awareness In Schools : A 10 page research paper discussing AIDS / HIV awareness education in public schools in America. Several programs are cited, including the American Red Cross program and a multi-media interactive program that is free to all. Bibliography includes 10 references. Aidsschl.wps

AIDS Education : 9 page presentation of an educational program designed by the writer to teach adolescents how to protect themselves from HIV/AIDS. Includes comprehensive test continuing multiple choice, true/false, matching and short-answer essays to test student's knowledge. Rationales are provided for each of the questions to explain how each of them tests to ensure that students have achieved one of five program goals by correctly answering them. Useful for those studying curriculum/instruction and classroom teaching. Bibliography contains 5 sources. Aidsedu.wps

Evaluation Of School-Based Intervention Programs / HIV - AIDS : A 6 page research paper on school-based intervention programs for teaching young people about the dangers of HIV/AIDS. The writer reviews different aspects of various programs (formal education, distribution of condoms, peer testimonials, etc;) and concludes that when properly-implemented, most approaches are quite effective at changing/preventing high-risk behavior. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Schoolcl.wps

Nursing & AIDS : 5 pages detailing issues concerning nursing and AIDS patients. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Aidsnurs.wps

AZT Vs. AIDS : An 5 page analysis of AZT's effectiveness in the fight against AIDS. Well-detailed and highlighted with statistics, and factual evidence. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Azt.wps

Saquinavir Mesylate : An 8 page discussion of protease inhibitors and their use in the fight against HIV infections. Emphasizes Saquinavir Mesylate, a drug released in 1995 by the Food and Drug Association. Bibliography lists eight sources. Saquin.wps

GHB (gamma hydroxy butyrate) / Beyond The Media Hype : A 5 page rebuttal to refute media and FDA claims that GHB is potentially dangerous. Bibliography lists four resources. Ghb.wps

Advanced Essays on Bioethics : 10 pages worth of complex essays in biology ethics such as one summarizing the biology of the HIV, and its manner of infection and production of disease. The writer describes the major ethical problems that face biologists and doctors regarding the manner in which they are dealing with the epidemic as well as their intelligent opinion about what is the most ethical and yet biologically effective way to deal with it and why. No Bibliography. Bioethic.wps

Issues Concerning Needle Exchange Programs : 4 pages in length. An argument in favor of needle exchange programs -- an inherently HIV- reducing idea that has proven itself to be effective in European countries and recently in the U.S. as well. The writer presents an overview of legal issues, public views, and concludes that the government should be more supportive of the idea-- but in the meantime, overpowering resistance would make most needle exchange programs fail miserably in the United States. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Needlexc.wps

International Pharmaceutical Business & AIDS Research : A 40 page research study that provides an overview of the current business operations in terms of international mergers and acquisitions in the pharmaceutical industry and considers the imperative for continued international cooperation in research efforts. Bibliography lists 21 sources. Phdrug.wps


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